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    I’m using simple snippets in ShortCodes UI. While debugging another problem I deactivated SC UI temporarily. After reactivating it, the snippets don’t appear where they should. It was working fine before the deactivate-reactivate step. Anybody have an idea of what I should look for to get it working again? Maybe a setting got unset?

    E.g. I’m using a snippet as a custom footer that should appear on many layouts. After reactivating, the shortcode tag is where it should be, but the resulting page doesn’t have the snippet markup.

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  • I’ve made a few debugging attempts. Here’s a bit more info.

    Advanced Shortcodes are all working. So, the ShortCodes UI plugin is installed and active and working.

    I put additional text around the Simple Snippets to make sure that the snippets were being seen. The pre- and post- text appeared, but not the snippet text.

    I’m running WP 3.4.2. SC UI 1.8.8.
    iThemes Builder (3.4.?) as the platform theme, with a highly customized child theme based on their Foundation- Blank.

    More info…
    I have another site that uses ShortCodes UI for similar reasons. On that site, I did not do a deactivate & reactivate sequence. I think the only change was an upgrade to SCUI v 1.8.8. I’m going to try reverting both sites to a prior version and see if that fixes either site.

    More info…

    On site #2, I reverted back to v1.8.7, and the problem was still there. I went back to v1.8.6 and the problem was gone. So whatever is going on is new in .7 and .8.

    On site #1, I changed the “type” from Simple Snippet to Advanced Shortcode and the problem went away. That’s still using v1.8.8.

    So I have a work-around. I hope the additional info helps figure out what the real problem is.

    More info…

    On site #2, I just updated WP to 3.5. I tried updating SCUI to 1.8.8, but simple snippets disappeared again. I reinstalled 1.8.6 and simple snippets work properly.

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    simply head over to plugin setting panel and save changes.

    Reviewing the problem:

    SCUI 1.8.6 works on WP 3.4.2 and WP 3.5.

    SCUI 1.8.8 does not show simple snippets in WP 3.4.2 or WP 3.5.

    I notice that you just released 1.8.9. Does that fix the problem?

    Should I upgrade to 1.8.9, go the settings screen, save changes, and see if simple snippets work? I’ll try that.

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    yep you should update

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