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    Mighty plugin but it seems to mess up a bit in TinyMCE. Other buttons, that is extra/new ones from plugins, are removed. I tried to move your button to another row but it still think it is King 🙂

    Forgot to add that in HTML view no buttons are kicked out.

    Also on dashboard: Metaboxes cannot collapse/open with Shortcode UI as only plugin and using default theme.

    My test install is local and default but have noticed same problem on other install with tons of add-ons.

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    Can you tell me what plugins (ones that add there own buttons) have you tried?

    Plugin Author Bainternet


    Any way

    dashboard: Metaboxes cannot collapse/open with Shortcode UI

    This bug is fixed in version 1.6

    Fixed in 1.6

    And replaced with a new problem 🙂 No reason to make new thread I dont think.

    Now widgets/metaboxes of Shortcode UI itself are gone. I only see Custom Fields when editing a shortcode.

    Also clicking button in post editor does pop up selection window but selecting items is another matter – does not work. Can select category but right dropdown box does not react.

    For some reason I only see your replies now. I checked email and apparently got notification of you replying – but checked here several times and nothing.

    Well nm that, problem with buttons and dashboard lock is solved. Now there is another, see post on top of this 🙂 Also happens on default install.

    But buttons came from:

    Works now as said. If you can reproduce new problem I imagine they are twins in some odd way.

    Here is a screenshot of post editor in one the demo shortcodes not much to look at. Help with videos works btw.

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    I see what you mean and its a quick fixed 1.6.1

    You must think I am crazy but I can see your reply in mail about 1.6.1 and yet your post is not here!

    Yes, editor is fully functional with 1.6.1 but there is still a problem when you click Shortcode UIs icon in normal post/page editor and modal window pops up. Selection in left dropdown box is ignored by right so not possible to choose shortcode.

    Just for the record I also fired up a Virtualbox to check this thread, no reply. I think there is some weird caching going on.

    Extra. In backend all seems fine but front-end throw this error:

    Warning: array_merge() [function.array-merge]: Argument #2 is not an array in... and blah blah. my-meta-box-class.php on line 1212

    Also a very fast error reporting – I cant seem to reproduce this on offline installation. Scratch that for now unless you know what it is. I will exclude and return with more news if necessary.

    Actually I can reproduce locally. Messed up with debug. Ok 2 errors to go then 🙂 Errors might be big word for the last since it is a warning but that you can figure out.

    There is one little notice from debug but not so important I think.

    [27-Dec-2011 14:55:24] PHP Notice:  Use of undefined constant isadmin - assumed 'isadmin' in C:\xampp\htdocs\wptest\wp-content\plugins\shortcodes-ui\shortcode-maker.php on line 56

    Plugin Author Bainternet


    ok so i think i got all of it try 1.6.2

    and let me know.

    Well as before I can see you replied via mail but dont see any post here. So hello ghost dev.

    All issues seems fixed with 1.6.2 – perfect.

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