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    Conflicts with WooCommerce.

    Get fatal error when both activated on same site (disable either plugin and error goes away).

    on activation (error shows on public site):

    Fatal error: Call to a member function is_main_query() on a non-object in /home/comp/public_html/wp-includes/query.php on line 727

    renaming page slug (error shows in admin):

    Fatal error: Call to a member function is_main_query() on a non-object in /home/comp/public_html/wp-includes/query.php on line 727

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  • *bump*

    No word from this plugin developer after 6 days.

    I got a patch for WooCommerce today that fixes the conflict with Shortcodes UI plugin.

    Plugin Author Bainternet


    You are kind of rude, do you know that?

    It’s a free plugin that i developed and maintain in my free time (not when you call on me), eventually i would have read this and replayed but to demand answer and you timing like I work for you is simply rude.

    I have over (at the time of writing this) over 33,321 downloads and installs of my 12 free publicly released GPL plugins which i developed, gave and am maintaining with pleasure for this community that i love (you are more then welcome to go over the plugins forum tags and see my answer to each and every question or issue) but people like you really take the fun out of it.

    And the worst part is you are complaining about the plugin not working, and me not answering but the issue was actually with the woocommerce plugin which calls is_main_query() and not this one.

    simply rude!

    as for any one else who has the same issue, simply update your version of woocommerce they fixed the issue, if any one is interested with more information how read this

    Hey Ohad. I could just let this go since I don’t really think you took things the right way, but I thought I would respond with some explanation since it’s no good having bad feelings out there.

    Firstly I’m truly sorry if you thought I came off as being rude. I certainly didn’t mean to be that way (nor did I think I was rude). I always strive for professionalism in conduct. And I do appreciate the work you have put into this plugin.

    At the time I posted to the forum about the issue I was experiencing I had just moved away from another snippet plugin that no longer worked and was no longer being supported, and had spent many hour porting over all my many code snippets on a few sites to your plugin.

    I’m running a few businesses on WordPress, and many customer sites. And I use code snippets with shortcodes throughout most of the sites.

    When I found that the code snippets were not working with another very important plugin (WooCommerce) that I had just recently resolved to use for ecommerce (because another ecommerce plugin I tried was not working and had caused it’s own frustrations), things seemed to come to a critical juncture.

    I was NOT “complaining about the plugin not working”. Just creating awareness of the plugin conflict in hopes of trying to get resolution.

    I felt I needed to at least get some type of reponse from the developer within a few days like…”interesting, I’ll look into it” or something…anything just to know there’s some movement and that the plugin is being supported and/or actively developed so I would know if I should wait or take other actions.

    Otherwise if I didn’t hear something (anything) back soon with some indication that there may be some type of resolution in sight (or not), I knew I’d have a lot of extra work to get things working using another snippets plugin. I’d have to spend many more critical hours porting over all of my code and my customer’s code to another snippet solution (which I’d rather not do since I had already tried a few others and knew this would be time consuming).

    As a side note, I think a lot of WordPress users are often in the same situation of not knowing if and when there might be some resolution to plugin conflicts, and what to do next (wait? debug? alter? abandon?), so to me it is a weakness of WordPress having so many moving parts that things are constantly being found to be not compatible with one another, even if they worked together before (even for commercial plugins/themes). I spend a good deal of time troubleshooting.

    Keep in mind all I said was:
    “No word from this plugin developer after 6 days.”.

    Nothing derogatory or complaining. That’s not my style.

    Some of the forum posts I’ve been involved in can go many weeks or even months without a reply, so I just needed to know if anyone was ‘out there’ with some kind of reply so I could make a business decision whether to move yet again to another solution so I could get my customer sites working again (like I had already done this very week moving from one ecommerce plugin to another…no fun doing that over and over).

    So please accept my apologies…I am sorry if it seemed to you I was impatient or rude. I use a lot of commercial plugins and themes that I have paid for to try to provide the best solutions for my clients, and I am even willing to donate a little towards your plugin to show good faith that I really want to support your work and this community, especially since it plays such an important role in my work.

    In closing, with no reflection on you, I am thankful that Woo had graciously responded quickly and for my good fortune, was also able to identify and resolve the issue on their side so that both plugins are compatible.


    Plugin Author Bainternet



    Thanks for being the bigger man here and know that really appreciate you taking the time and replying with clarification, apology fully accepted.

    Cool 🙂

Viewing 6 replies - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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