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  • I downloaded the plug-in and I don’t see any instructions on what to do next, including how do you set it up, that I can understand. I want to add an rss feed to a page that is in a php format. I created a page called “rss-test” and added the php code to it. Now what? The support page is in another language. Obviously I have no knowledge of php so please be specific.

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    The idea is that you define your own shortcodes using the WordPress menu Tools > Shortcode Exec PHP and use these in your posts/pages.

    Try putting [hello_world] on your “rss-test” page and you’ll probably get the idea.

    The support page is in English, what language did you expect?

    I have no clue to what you’re talking about. The test doesn’t mean anything to me because I don’t know what I’m supposed to do or what it’s supposed to do. I need step by step directions. I must have been on the wrong support page because it was not english.

    I put the code you suggested here:

    At the bottom of the page it has “Hello world! Arg=default Content=” is this what it was supposed to do.

    Here is the php code for the rss feed I’m trying to enter on the page. Currently, the javascript version of the newsfeed is on the page so you can see what it should look like.

    #Begin code – Feedzilla’s news widget
    include (“”)
    #End code – Feedzilla’s news widget

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    I cannot be more clear than I already was:

    The idea is that you define your own shortcodes using the WordPress menu Tools > Shortcode Exec PHP and use these in your posts/pages.

    You should at least basically understand what you are doing. Maybe reading here helps.

    You can try to add a new shortcode with the code for the news widget (without <?php and ?>), but there is a big chance that it will not work, because most hosting providers do not allow remote includes (http://…).

    I admire your patience.

    I just installed your plugin and it is absolutely great and safe! And I am a novice to WordPress!

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    Thank you for being absolutely no help. I already said I don’t know php, just like I didn’t know wordpress before I started using it. However, simply knowing what you want to do doesn’t mean you understand it well enough to use other people’s programs. I thought that was the purpose of support. It’s good to know it probably won’t work anyway, according to you. So I’ll quit wasting my time.

    I have many plugins on my website but this is the first one that I could not get to wort and there was no supportive. I’m sure I’ll have better success with another plug-in, where support actually answers your questions.

    Thank you again for being so helpful and I promise not to bother you again.

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    I am sorry you feel this way. I really tried to point you in the right direction and I am not giving up:

    Assuming you have the plugin still installed: login to your weblog, use the right menu Tools > Shortcode Exec PHP, scroll to the shortcodes section. Replace [hello_world] by [anything-you-like] and replace the code below this name in the big box by the code above in this forum, without <?php and ?> and press the Save button.

    Now, create a post or page and put the shortcode [anything-you-like] in the text to call the code defined in the previous paragraph.

    i’ve been online for more than 11 years now and train many newbies. my slogan is “Newbies eventually come to me”

    However, for you programmers out there let me explain exactly what newbies are asking for.

    They don’t see the overall picture. You MUST add a video or a numbered step-by-step guide to follow. Even though its clear cut for you; doesn’t mean it is for the installer.

    Next place 2 or 3 more examples and tell us why you did this and for what purpose. How many other ways will this plugin benefit me, etc.

    You do these things and you’ll get 85% more users. And that’s a fact!

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    I do not disagree with this, but this plugin is intended for programmers or in any case people that want to become programmers.

    Personally I don’t like instruction videos, because a written text helps me faster, since it allows me to find the information I need more easily. But again this is personally, maybe other people can benefit from a video.

    I am a newbie also and also very frustrated
    I have read this post and a ton of other pages and getting nowhere.
    OK it is supposed to be for programmers – well how about just for anyone that can read?
    Here is what I did:
    1. Installed and activated plug in.
    2. Typed [gallery] on a sample page.
    – an image showed on the edit page – but [gallery] on public page
    3. read a ton more posts
    4. created, (copy & paste) and TESTED the age birthdate example
    – this worked on the “settings TEST” page
    BUT shows [age birthdate=”Mar 20, 2011″] on public site
    YES I saved as age WITH and WITHOUT the parameters
    A further note the Test page in the settings has links to age birthdate=”Mar 20, 2011″ BUT the test/save input keeps reverting to “age birthdate=” – even thought SAVED with just age
    I have enabled “Add button to TinyMCE editor” so I can select from shortcodes
    I guess I must NOT be a programmer
    I AGREE that a video tutorial has shortcomings – as does all instructions and documentation
    but STEP by STEP is what the newbies need with 3 simple examples

    I AM NOT SCREAMING – CAPS IS FOR EMPHASIS in the interests of clarity
    by the way I AM a programmer C, C++, awk, perl, java, javascript, basic, sql, etc – just NEW to WordPress and shortcodes.

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    It should work on public WordPress posts and pages, but not always by default on other page types. If it doesn’t, try switching to the default theme (Twenty Ten or Eleven) to see if your theme is the problem.

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    [gallery] is a built-in WordPress shortcode. You should use another name to test shortcodes with the plugin to avoid conflicts.

    Well I certainly agree it SHOULD work!
    My bad – I should have said:
    I am using a hosted service.
    A new install (2 days old) of WordPress, using theme 2011.
    Have installed Jetpack(unused), Askimet(unused), DukaPress, FastSecure Forms, DB extension, PHP shortcodes.
    But shortcodes do NOT work on public pages.
    You say the codes are saved in “WP options” – but which file specifically?
    OR THEMES/functions.php?
    obviously I have looked and cannot find…
    When a code is SAVED where does it get saved to?
    is there a DEBUG mode?
    IF I make a type or syntax error – the ERROR is OUTPUT to the public page!?!?!
    WHY does the SAVED shortcode REVERT to “age birthdate=”

    OK here is ONE problem
    For whatever reason (ON the settings page) the SAVE, DELETE functions do not work
    I tried deactivated and then activated your plugin
    I CHANGE(MODIFY) the shortcode and TEST always works.
    BUT when I return to the settings page the CHANGES are gone.
    the shortcode ALWAYS resets(reverts) to [age birthdate=]
    I can DELETE or even ADD a new shortcode and SAVE
    BUT the changes/modifications/new shortcodes always disappear.

    I have enabled option to delete all shortcodes on deactivation.
    Deactivated the plugin and activated.
    The I tried [hello_world] in a page and it WORKED!
    WHEN I added a very simple [age] which had ONE line return “TEST”;
    HERE IS ONE PROBLEM – maybe THE problem for SOME newbies.
    the TWO codes together [age][age] RESULTS in: TEST[age]
    so SECOND one does NOT work!!?!?!
    BUT [age] with some text in between [age] RESULTS:
    TEST with some text in between TEST so THAT works!

    ADVICE to newbies:
    1. Install plugin, activate and paste [hello_world] in ANY page to TEST
    2. ON PHP SHORTCODES SETTINGS PAGE – BELOW “hello_world” shortcode
    ADD and SAVE a NEW simple plugin called “age” with ONE line e.g.
    return “TEST”;
    3. TYPE [age] in ANY PAGE

    1. The supplied example [hello_world] uses “echo” you should NOTE the difference with “return” and “echo”
    2. NOTE that TWO shortcodes side by side do NOT work!


    1. Any idea WHY the stoopid WordPress or plugin kept reverting?
    2. WHERE are the SAVED shortcodes?
    3. WHERE are any supplied shortcode?
    ARE there any?


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    1. Sometimes anti-spam measures, for example of your hosting provider, block saving shortcodes
    2+3. The shortcode definitions are saved in the WordPress database as options

    An advice: stop using capitalizing words, most people hate this. You may not get the answers you want. Try using bold or italic instead.

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