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  • I checked out Shopp demo store and admin back end. It worked a lot of like e-Commerce plugin, but seemed pretty smooth. I played around e-Commerce latest version last week, and it was not as stable as I thought.

    I am thinking about getting Shopp. But want to get feedback on developers who has building up online store using Shopp. Good or troublesome? Love to hear your stories.



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  • roburdick



    I am also thinking of getting Shopp plugin. I have tried wp-ecommerce, and although it looks promising, it seems quite buggy and prevented me doing vital things like using google checkout.

    Is Shopp as stable as I have heard!?



    Shopp people are not very responsive, and PayPal Standard isn’t integrating well. The button doesn’t show up. The forums show a workaround, but it didn’t work for me.

    On WP-ecommerce: friendlier people, though my thumbnails are not showing, and I can’t find a way to fix it.

    I agree with corrynews12. If you’re golden and have no issues, then you’ll be fine. But they are slow to respond and very slow to make the changes they promise they’re working on. One problem I have they’ve been talking about putting it in version 1.1 for over a year now. The promises started around version 1.08; they are currently on version 1.017….what are we going for….version 1.0100 before actually releasing 1.1? Geez.

    Big problems for me are basic in other plugins:
    (1) You can’t setup your shop to accept offline payments.
    (2) They have this really weird thing with the way they’ve setup their variations and tied it to inventory…it doesn’t work like expected and as it does with almost every other plugin out there.

    The plugin has a lot going for it and quite frankly, these 2 issues seemed so common-sense I didn’t even think to look closely to see if these were a part of the current release. My bad.

    So the bottom line: Make absolutely certain it has the functionality you want….because you won’t get a refund, you’ll be waiting forever for the next major release….and you’ll get very little support and help from the people who code/sell the thing.

    Good luck.

    I have the shoppe plugin and am maybe just a little past beginner in my ability to use WordPress and am doing all of this myself. I’ve managed to get pretty far along considering my skill set. Right now I’m struggling with getting the XML sitemap submission to work properly (getting an error now no one seems to be able to help me with although they have been responsive) and REALLY desperate to find a way to speed up the data entry of products.

    I’m looking for help/advice on how to import products from a spreadsheet – I don’t mind if I have to do some work in connecting photos to products, assigning categories if I have to but it would be really great if I could at least import those big ‘ole product descriptions.

    Several on the support forum for Shoppe are pining for the day a plugin is released that will make this job easier but it doesn’t look like anything is on the horizon gauging from that string.

    Considering the cost compared to shopping cart/website system I had before I am pleased but considering the market for this plugin is likely people like me and small business, they really should consider including features/ plugins that make things easier for us non-developer types 🙂

    Thoughts and suggestions are welcome.

    Lisa Isbell

    I’m still frustrated Lisa. I put my ecommerce needs aside for about a month as I had other fish to fry. But I am now faced with the issue of once and for all…the decision MUST be made and the problem MUST be solved. Like you, I am no code demon, but I get by and am willing to learn.

    Whenever I go over to Shopp’s forums I just blow a gasket. How sloooowwwwwww can one release a friggin’ update? My god!! People have been screaming for over a year for some of the functionality they are promising in version 1.1 (did you hear any angels sing and harps play when I said VERSION 1.1????) You must have because we’ve all be waiting for the darn thing for what seems like an eon now.

    And still, they will not put into this new version supposedly out in June one of the two things I need. “Maybe version 1.2” they say. I just blew another gasket thinking about it.

    So much for $55 down the tube. Problem is… I can’t find anything else for a WP ecommerce plugin that does what I want it to do without a need for a doctorate in programming because of all the friggin’ bugs or non-funcionality you’ll have to “fix”.

    I’ll stop ranting now…I need to go take on of the green pills.

    Although I haven’t tried it yet, I have received a plugin someone is working on to import products. Crossing my fingers that I can figure it out and use it, a little scared I’ll tear something up in the process 🙂

    I’ll post an update as to how this goes. Excited to have a way to import csv of products – will speed things up considerably!

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