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[Resolved] [Plugin: Shopp SEO Glue] Categories

  • Barry,

    I just wanted to let you know that while I am aware that this plugin does not currently support the ‘Categories’ post type, it kind of works.

    For instance, when I go to edit one of my Shopp categories the WordPress SEO meta boxes show up and they even save the data that I input into them. However, that data does not display on the actual category pages themselves.

    Just wanted to point this out to you for future versions of this plugin (if you intend to make any). Seems to me that if the meta boxes show up and save the data, that displaying it would probably be quite easy to do. I’m no PHP programmer or else I’d tackle it myself.



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  • Plugin Author Barry Hughes


    Thanks Chris, that’s interesting: on a test site running just Shopp, WP SEO, Shopp SEO Glue and a default theme I don’t see any SEO metaboxes within the Shopp category editor, they only display on the product editor.

    (It’s doubly interesting because Jon at Shopp insisted that the WP SEO metaboxes also display in the product editor without any need for tweaking the system, and he apparently is running Shopp 1.2.3 too … )

    I’ll probably be doing some work on the category side of things just to round this off but it might not be until the end of the week or early next week before I get round to it.


    This is the darndest thing but you’re right… WordPress SEO doesn’t show up on categories in shop, I think I found the weirdest glitch ever.

    Go to one of your category landing pages, for instance, one of mine can be found here…


    Once you go there (make sure you’re logged into your WordPress instance before you attempt this) use the little toolbar at the top of your browser and click the ‘Edit Category’ tab. You’ll be taken to a page where you can edit the Category, but this page is different… It has the WordPress SEO meta boxes, they save data and everything.

    If you try to edit the Category any other way than what I mentioned you’ll see it doesn’t work.

    Isn’t this bizarre?

    Plugin Author Barry Hughes


    That’s interesting, I must look at this in more detail.

    Basically, the Shopp category is being viewed via the default WordPress category editor. Turns out, you can do something similar with products in the post editor.

    • Say the URL for Product X in the regular Shopp product editor is something like admin.php?page=shopp-products&id=X
    • You can open the same product in the normal post editor instead by using the URL post.php?post=X&action=edit (of course the various bells and whistles of the Shopp product editor are then absent, but the WP SEO metaboxes will still be present)

    Something of a leaky abstraction I guess.

    Yes, I thought this was odd as well. Even more odd that no one has pointed this out yet.

    Interesting to know that you can do this with products as well!

    Plugin Author Barry Hughes


    Support for categories has been added (v1.2).

    Please report any issues!

    Woohoo! I’ll test it out and see if I find any issues! Thanks a million!

    Plugin Author Barry Hughes


    Great – any feedback appreciated 🙂

    I see they updated WordPress SEO to version 1.2.6 very recently. Has anyone tried it out to see if it works with Shopp SEO Glue?

    Plugin Author Barry Hughes


    Those are some fast iterations, WordPress SEO is now at 1.2.7!

    I just tested against Shopp SEO Glue and it seems to work without any notable issues for both products and categories.

    Yep, I too can now officially confirm that it works with WordPress SEO 1.2.7!

    Plugin Author Barry Hughes


    (Marking this one as resolved as we now have category support in place.)

    Hello… I’ve got wordpress 3.4.2, shopp 1.2.3 and glue 1.3 – I’ve got a meta description coming up under Yoast which is the ‘SEO’ description, then further down i have a meta description which is the ‘category description’ So a duplicate, only on category pages – anyone else have this or have a fix??


    What theme are you using? Does the same problem happen if you switch to Twenty Eleven (briefly)?

    Hi Barry, just switched to 2011 theme and got the same problem…

    Can you provide a URL so we can see the problem? Are you running any other plugins that might be impacting (ie, try disabling them)?

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