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  • Shopp does a wonderful job with their video presentation and selling their product on their website, but the reality is that it is VERY difficult to get the thing installed. I have installed this plugin and uninstalled it 4 times now. I called Godaddy and had them switch my hosting account from Windows to Linux (which cost me time and money) and this thing STILL does not work. I go to the “support” section of Shopp’s website and they tell me that the “WAIT” time is 15 hours to 3 days…but if I want FAST service I can “purchase” their better service. I own a fairly large company. I cannot imagine telling one of my clients that they have to purchase my “better” level of service, after they bought my product. What a JOKE. I am very pissed off at this moment. It appears that my $55 is gone and I now have to look for a shopping cart that actually installs properly. “Jonathan”‘s voice on the video sounds very honest…and he makes this shopping cart look so intuitive. The only thing that is intuitive is how easy it is to spend money with this company…only to have their product NOT WORK the way they lead you to believe that it is going to…

    Bunch of crap. Save your money. Look elsewhere.

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  • Oh, yes, you can PURCHASE the “better” service – and you STILL wait.

    And, they also offer to sell you “contract services” – for many hundreds of dollars to “privately” fix the site their vandalizing “upgrade” broke.

    This is like the Mafia – come around periodically and break-up your store, and then charge “protection” to fix it.

    Shopp BLOWS – but not nearly as bad as their horrible “support”.

    Do *anything* – even manual PayPal buttons – before you get stuck with this lousy junkware.

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