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  • I have upgraded to shopp 1.2.3, and have noticed this error repeatedly in my error log:

    Shopp: The shopp(‘cart’) tag cannot be used in this context because the object responsible for handling it doesn’t exist. [shopp-cache-helper.php, line 153]

    I’m also getting this error:
    PHP NOTICE: unserialize() [function.unserialize]: Error at offset 40 of 41 bytes [DB.php, line 845]

    This is happening even though there is nothing in the cart.

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  • The first error is occuring because the Shopp Cache Helper plugin is calling a shopp(‘cart’) tag before the Cart has been booted up in Shopp. That would be a sequencing problem in Shopp Cache Helper.

    The unserialize error is because the data in the database, when pulled out, has an extra character in a very string that must before formatted in a very specific way. The extra character is breaking the formatting making unserialization impossible. There isn’t any good way to know why it is happening without debugging it (watching the data that goes in to the database, comparing it to how it is when it comes out.)

    Thanks Jon for the explanation. Fixing the database part is beyond me, but would it be difficult to call the cart tag at a different point?

    I changed my error logging level in shopp so that these errors wouldn’t be logged anymore, but I know that doesn’t solve the real problem.

    without looking at the code for the Shopp Cache Helper plugin I couldn’t say. My best guidance though is that neither of these necessarily indicate broken functionality. 40/41 bytes of serialized data doesn’t amount to much, and the cart tag initialized in correctly may just mean an early test for something in the cart (like whether the cart is empty or not). It may or may not cause broken functionality though. The messages you cited are notices which are usually programmer notes to say “hey, you might want to take a look at this before it becomes a problem” and not a “the sky is falling, drop everything you are doing and fix this now” message.

    Right–everything seems to be working fine. I just thought I’d post the error in case the developer wasn’t aware, or maybe they knew something I should do. Plus, I just had an experience with another shopp plugin where it was creating the error message so fast that the error file became 10 gigs in about 6 hours–and that was with zero activity in my shopp AND after I had deleted the plugin. My web host had to step in and shut it down. I’m not sure what he did to fix it, but nothing I tried worked. So, I thought it might be a good idea to post the error for this one.

    ahh right on. Not sure if Tyson is listening, but he’s the developer for this one. I’ve not seen him around for awhile.

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