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    The target and redirect_to query args are being double-escaped in shibboleth_session_initiator_url(), as mentioned in another topic. Since around WordPress 2.2 add_query_arg() runs urlencode_deep(). The plugin says it requires >= 2.8, so it seems urlencode() could be removed from shibboleth_session_initiator_url().

    function shibboleth_session_initiator_url($redirect = null) {
    	// first build the target URL.  This is the WordPress URL the user will be returned to after Shibboleth
    	// is done, and will handle actually logging the user into WordPress using the data provdied by Shibboleth
    	if ( function_exists('switch_to_blog') ) switch_to_blog($GLOBALS['current_site']->blog_id);
    	$target = site_url('wp-login.php');
    	if ( function_exists('restore_current_blog') ) restore_current_blog();
    	$target = add_query_arg('action', 'shibboleth', $target);
    	if ( !empty($redirect) ) {
    		$target = add_query_arg('redirect_to', $redirect, $target);
    	// now build the Shibboleth session initiator URL
    	$initiator_url = shibboleth_get_option('shibboleth_login_url');
    	$initiator_url = add_query_arg('target', $target, $initiator_url);
    	$initiator_url = apply_filters('shibboleth_session_initiator_url', $initiator_url);
    	return $initiator_url;

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