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  • I have possibly a problem understanding what the tags actually do. On a page, I have a shashin tag with type=”album” which shows me all the albums I want (they have to be listed one by one, since I wish to place Picasa pictures on one page and YouTube videos on a different page).

    On the YouTube page, since it’s a single album, it obviously loads thumbnails first, and when clicking on them, they open the Highslide viewer. All exactly as described by the documentation and fully working as expected.

    On the pictures page, I get a list of album thumbnails with date and name information, as expected. However, I expected that when clicking on any album thumbnail, it would load the pictures in that album inside the same page. Instead, it links to the album to the external Picasa web page.

    But the documentation clearly states:

    When you click an album thumbnail, its photos are displayed in place of the album thumbnails, without the page reloading (using jQuery).

    This is not what happens. The link — just like on the documentation page — is indeed to the album page on Picasa. However, some JS magic on that page shows the pictures inside the page itself (possibly through some AJAX call; I haven’t looked at the code), even though the link is actually to Picasa. On my own site, when clicking on the album thumbnail, the JS magic is not working: the user is redirected to Picasa instead.

    What seems to be happening in my case is that I have a website thoroughly using AJAX for pretty much everything. This might be interfering with the way Shashin works. I have no idea if anyone has any experience working with a fully AXAXified WP theme and installed Shashin and got both to work together. If so, any tips would be appreciated!

    Note that other Shashin AJAX calls work well, e.g. the prev/next page loads admirably well. So it’s not as if everything is broken (which, of course, makes it much harder to track down…)

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Viewing 1 replies (of 1 total)
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