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  • brianhsu


    Shashin is really an amazing plug-in, I like it very much. But there are still a few feature I need doesn’t exist, so I patched it myself.

    Maybe there are other people interested in it, so I post this message.

    Here is the feature I add to Shashin:

    • Add two new optional parameters linkbackZ_yn, linkbackT_yn for all markup, the first will show a hyperlink link back to original PicasaWeb when user zoom a image, the second will show a back link at thumbnail caption. The text of hyperlink are customizable via Shashin setting pages.
    • User could choose weather show slide controller in simages (You will need wp_footer() in your themes).
    • Enable order albums and photos by there key in manage pages.
    • Customize the following preference of highslide slide show.
    • Hide controller when mouse move out image.
    • Enable or disable slide show repeat.
    • Place your photos at center in sidebar widgets.

    If you are interested in it, you could download the patch version here (tar.gz,patch) and get a try.

    Note: since English is not my native language, the message showed at user interface may be very very ugly, but at least all function work fine to me.

    You may see how it looks like on my own blog, it’s written in Chinese, but I think it is not a problem, you could just click the photos in article and right sidebar to see what it looks like.

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  • lograyths


    Hey brianhsu,

    I found your upgrades quite interesting and useful, but the tar.gz I downloaded from your site is not working opening in Winrar.

    You should send to the original developer and suggest him to add these features in his plugin.

    I’ll try to use your patch locally to see if it works, and then try at my online website.

    Thanks for this!

    Hi Brian – this is really nice work. I’ll definitely include some (maybe all) of it in the next version of Shashin, if that’s ok with you. I’d be curious to hear from other Shashin users, to see which features you added that they like best.

    The only features I’m hesitant about are the ones that make the argument lists longer in the Shashin tags. I already get emails from new Shashin users who need help – they feel there’s already a learning curve to using Shashin. I don’t want that learning curve to get too steep (even I have to refer back to the documentation sometimes when writing Shashin tags).

    But I really like some of your ideas, especially the slideshow for single images (very clever!), and the option for setting an ordering key for displaying albums. What do other folks like?

    Mike T

    Thread Starter brianhsu


    To lograyths:
    Here is another .zip archive I made, you may try this if the .tar.gz archive doesn’t work.

    To toppa:

    Sure it is very welcome that include my works in next offical version of Shashin.

    I also aware the argument may become too long, so I made both arguement I added is optional, so user could just pretend it doesn’t exist if they don’t need these new feature as eclectic.

    I think the best way to overcome the learning curve maybe is provide user a simeple GUI just popup some window and let user choose what they want and generate markup for them (like “img” button in HTML mode editor) or even like the “Add Image” button in WYSIWYG mode provide a full GUI, but unfortunely I don’t understand JavaScript much and don’t have enough time to study and hack it before Octobor.

    I will still try to do this if I got time after October, but have no promise because I don’t know do I have enough skill to achieve this.

    Or maybe there is someone will to add this feature for all of us? :p

    Hi Brian – sorry for the late reply. I’d like to include editor buttons for Shashin. I’ve been thinking about that for a while but haven’t had time to do it. In the next release I’ll include your changes, and hopefully in the release after that I’ll start including some editor buttons.

    i am using the new version, but i don’t see anywhere to set an option to make the controlbar fade on mouse out. i think i will download the tar ball and see if i can figure that out. it is the only feature i want that i don’t have. i need this because some of my images are old and small, and so the controlbar covers much of the image.


    Brian or Mike,

    this is the one thing i want to do in the new version:

    Hide controller when mouse move out image.

    what changes would i need to make to what files to make that happen?


    I didn’t see this question here at first. I see you posted it in a new thread. For anyone else who’s looking, I answered it here.

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