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  • Plugin Author Unsal Korkmaz


    1 side note:

    If you are not using php5.3+, the code example above wont work for you. Here is what you can use:

    function sharpen_resized_corner(){ return -1.2; }
    function sharpen_resized_side(){ return -1; }
    add_filter('sharpen_resized_center', 'sharpen_resized_center');
    function sharpen_resized_center(){ return 20; }

    Thank you for adding this functionality. So the way to adjust sharpening is through tinkering those 3 numbers? Is there a way to choose a number in a 0-10 scale?

    Plugin Author Unsal Korkmaz


    thats all settings you need but there is no 0-10 scale settings tbh.
    I did some tests on those numbers here:

    You can play with those too if u want.

    I was hopeful that this would work if i regenrated all the thumbnails. Sadly it didn’t. Can you do some code-magic to get this to work if thumbnails are regenerated.
    It is a must have plugin for those whose business mainly relies on graphics, like mine. Thanks for the contribution.

    Plugin Author Unsal Korkmaz


    I didnt try but maybe you can use
    plugin for previous photos.

    Edit: Yes, i tried and it works 🙂

    well..your plugin just became priceless i guess. I tried the regeneration again and it totally worked !! This is amazing and your support is awesome. You got my vote of confidence !
    THANK YOU @unsalkorkmaz.

    I suggest you put this bit into your description. People like me are bit clueless at first. This plugin is one of a kind i wish a lot of people will find this useful. Thanks again.

    Plugin Author Unsal Korkmaz


    Yeah, i should write this in description.
    No problem for help 🙂



    First thanks for the plugin, I was looking for a way to add sharpening to my wordpress blog photos.

    Howver I noticed that this lokks like it’s resharpening allready compressed images instead of intercepting wordpress own pipeline. Is there any way to have sharper images without losing quality ?


    Plugin Author Unsal Korkmaz


    Normally WordPress’s default jpeg quality is 90. If you dont want any quality lost, you can set this to 100.

    if you using higher then php 5.3 you can use this:

    add_filter('jpeg_quality', function($quality) { return 100; } );

    or if you dont use php 5.3+ or if you dont know which version of php you using, you can use this:

    add_filter( 'jpeg_quality', 'jpeg_full_quality' );
    function jpeg_full_quality( $quality ) { return 100; }

    I need to warn about image sizes will be much bigger but probably you expect that right?

    IF you dont know where to add this code, there is an example article to give an idea:

    How To Safely Add PHP Code To WordPress

    Hi! Thax for you plugin!

    You say it is no scale 1-10. Could you explain what does number of this settings mean? I tried to set different numbers but i did not understand what was channged… So we have three parametrs of sharping: corner, center and side. But how can we control it?

    Plugin Author Unsal Korkmaz


    The real question here is
    “why dont you happy with default sharpening settings?”
    If you are happy, just leave it. You really dont need to change it. Its a balanced setting that %99 will satisfy you.

    If you are not happy with sharpening level and really want to learn everything about php sharpening, you can google “php imageconvolution”.

    Ok, thanx.

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