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  • I’m actually on WordPress 2.9.2

    I upgraded this morning to the latest version of the plugin. Since then Shadowbox JS does not work at all.

    So far I’ve tried:

    • Deactivating and reactivating
    • Uninstall/reinstall
    • Tried each different JS library – none have any effect
    • Deleted all cached pages and the browser cache – no change
    • Enabled/disabled smart loading, neither makes a difference.

    What should I do? Go back to the previous version?
    Previous version worked perfectly, I should’ve stuck with it..
    Also, I have disabled the img title push plugin as it prevents the img displaying if there is a title already there which is different to the title in the anchor. I don’t really need this functionality anyway, I’m just letting you know that there’s some kind of conflict there.

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  • Hi
    I have a very similar problem, and regrettably it doesn’t help reverting to v3003: FLV videos starts downloading – while mov files open, just in a new page.
    I’ve tried all mentioned above (apart from deleting cache pages, since I don’t use any cache plugin) and not changed anything else.
    NOW: Could anyone else try either
    the video page – or
    the pano page (this requires Quicktime)
    I wonder if this is some weird cache problem, also because…
    @daz Lunn: It seems that the shadowbox works fine on your site, both here and here.
    Eventually: Other ideas?
    PS Running WP291 – and I use this rel tag:

    @daz Lunn: You cannot possibly expect me to troubleshoot the problems if you revert to a previous version which it appears that you have. Upgrade to 3.0.3 and leave it long enough for me to see it.

    @kjetilgf: It seems as though you have some broken configuration options in flashParams and flashVars. Try setting “Reset to Defaults” to true and clicking “Save Changes”. After this you will need to re-enable the flash player.


    I upgraded to 3.0.3 and have lost the shadowbox effect – my videos now only open in full browser windows. I tried to revert but had the same problem. I have upgraded again. Could you please help with the troubleshooting? Thanks. The url is

    @jcruzrivera: You seem to be experiencing the same problem as kjetilgf. Please try setting “Reset to Defaults” to true and clicking “Save Changes”. After this you will need to re-enable the flash player if it was previously enabled.

    Thanks for the quick response. I tried your suggestion but had no luck. I also noticed that my sidebar conditional logic broke (I was using the widget logic plugin). I uninstalled both shadowbox js and the widget logic plugin, reinstalled shadowbox and still have videos playing in full screen (and I can’t seem to get the widget logic plugin to work – not even on its own..)

    +1 for Shadowbox not working since upgrade to 3.03.
    Did all of the above steps, plus tried resetting the configuration to default. No luck.

    @jcruzrivera: if resetting didn’t work something is messing with the output that this plugin is generating. I am seeing:

    flashParams: <p>{bgcolor:"#000000", allowFullScreen:true}</p>
    flashVars: <p>{}</p>

    In the view source of your page. Basically looks like something is adding <p></p> tags around those values and then they are being escaped.

    It should instead look like:

    flashParams: {bgcolor:"#000000", allowFullScreen:true},
    flashVars: {},

    I am still testing multiple configurations to determine if it is a problem with this plugin or if something else is interfering.

    @jcruzrivera: do you mind disabling all of your plugins and testing again? All except this plugin. Also if that doesn’t solve it could you keep them disabled and switch to the default theme? You don’t need to keep it that way, just long enough for you to test.

    Also do you mind giving me a list of the plugins you are running?

    Hi – I disabled all plugins, reset to defaults and still no luck. The plugins I had active were:

    BM Custom Login
    Exclude Pages from Navigation
    Google Analyticator
    Google Map Shortcode
    Iframe Embedder
    Latest Posts from Category
    Simple Google Map
    Subcategory Loader
    Tiny MCEAdvanced
    Widget Logic
    WordPress Database Backup

    I tired it with the default template and it worked.

    I disabled all plugins, and it still didn’t work.
    Using Thematic as my theme.,WP 2.9.2
    Also, switched to “default” theme. No change.

    @klagreca: please provide a link to a page/post on your site where it is not working.

    @jcruzrivera: What is the theme you are using? Is it a free or premium theme? Just asking so that I could test with it if possible.

    here it also dont works since 3.03

    I reset to defaults without success.


    here it also dont works since 3.03

    I reset to defaults without success.


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