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  • Since I uploaded shadowbox on my multisite WordPress, I get always the same message : The Shadowbox JS source files are missing…

    But as I can see by FTP, the sources files are all in the right folder :

    I tried to remove them (and all the files of shadowbox) and upload many times, I tried to change the settings to remove the cache… bit I have always the same result

    So can I do more ?

    Is it a path’s problem because I use a multisite wordpress ? I don’t know…

    Can you help me please ?

    Thanks for your answer…

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  • Plugin Author Matt Martz


    This plugin has not been tested on multisite at all, so I cannot answer your question. If you figure it out let me know. Otherwise it could be several weeks before I get around to it.

    I’m having the same problem as well. I just updated the plugin yesterday and received this message that the SRC files were missing.

    I downloaded the zip file from the link provided, extracted them to the location noted (/wp-content/plugins/shadowbox-js/src), yet when I refreshed the settings page, it’s still giving me the same error message. I’ve tried resetting the options and renaming the src folder to shadowbox (which I noticed it was called in my backup), but nothing has worked.

    I’m in a multisite environment also (WP 3.3.1)

    I think we may be putting the files in the wrong location. I just realized they should be in /wp-content/uploads/shadowbox-js/src and not /wp-content/plugins/shadowbox-js/src

    I tried manually uploading mine, but for some reason my username doesn’t have permission to edit the uploads folder (separate issue I’m working on with my IT folks). Have you tried uploading them to the uploads folder?

    I tried in the two locations /wp-content/uploads/shadowbox-js/src and /wp-content/plugins/shadowbox-js/src

    I tried also (I did it first) to upload the files automatically…

    but the problem is the same… sources files looks always missing

    Plugin Author Matt Martz


    Ok, on multisite it goes in the subsites uploads dir, which should be something like:


    So you would create a directory such as:


    and upload the extracted src directory to that location so that it looked like:


    I have just pushed a fix into the plugin repository. The new version is

    One thing to note is that this fix is only an informative fix. The meta box telling you where you can upload the files to will use the correct location. Keep in mind that if you allowed the plugin to download the files and move them into place, that it would have put them in the correct location to begin with.

    You will need to do this for every subsite of the network that runs this plugin. I may see if I can find a way later down the road to allow a snippet of code to specify a single location instead of requiring it for every subsite.

    that is a bit of a pitty, as this was working fine for multisites previously… adding these source files to every subsite now is a vast task with more than 200 subsites. I will have to search for a better option to accomplish this.

    The right location for the plugins in a multisite wordpress is always /wp-content/plugins/ or /wp-content/mu-plugins/ but you can’t put them in the directory of a subsite…

    Cf. the codex for a complet information

    Plugin Author Matt Martz


    The right location for the plugins in a multisite wordpress is always /wp-content/plugins/ or /wp-content/mu-plugins/ but you can’t put them in the directory of a subsite…

    Cf. the codex for a complet information

    It’s not the plugin dir that is the problem. Plugin generated content should be stored in the uploads directory. It becomes tricky when you use Multi site, as you have to store it in each sites upload directory.

    The alternative, is to build your own shadowbox.js per the FAQ, and drop a mu-plugin in that sets the locations for the files. See the sections titled “How can I use my own shadowbox.js?” and “How can I use my own shadowbox.css?” at

    Or you could just install “Easy Fancybox” – which is already Multi-site compatible and handles photos/videos/PDFs/etc.

    Hi! I’ve recently updated my WordPress to version 3.3.2

    My Shadow box version is

    I’m not a multisite user.

    I’m using Mac OSX.

    I’m using Filezilla for FTP.

    My problem is that, I don’t have a directory for this:


    I downloaded the file and I can’t change the directory. So I decided to use Filezilla and copy-paste the directory into the remote site (my website).

    Unfortunately, it can’t find the directory.

    Is there anyway I can upload it? A directory that works. It couldn’t find that on the remote site.


    I was getting the same error, even after uninstalling the plugin, downloading the version from WP. It said to check the settings in the setting page of ShadowBox JS. I found a link that when you clicked on it, it downloaded the source files. Now I don’t show that error anymore. Might wanna look for that and see if you have a button to click to get source files.

    Thank you, jimbofoxman! You’re a lifesaver! I was tweaking the setting of Easy Fancybox awhile ago ’til I saw your post.

    I’m happy that my website still has the same looks and feel with Shadowbox JS. 😀

    With the latest versions of WordPress (3.3.2) and Shadowbox (, I can confirm that everything works the same version multisite but this is not practical because you have to manually install the required dependencies for each site

    for example here where 2 is the ID of a site: …/wp-content/blogs.dir/2/files/shadowbox-js/src

    It is therefore possible for some sites but not for a platform that hosts hundreds of sites …

    What I do not understand is that it works automatically and seamlessly with older versions of Shadowbox … So why this change in strategy? Is it for purely commercial?

    Thank you anyway for this update! pending a future setting Definetely the problem?

    I just wanted to comment on this as well, since I’m running into the same problem on a multisite installation. It doesn’t make sense to have to install the source files for every sub-site. It would waste a lot of space and seems really unnecessary.

    I think the idea of specifying where the source files are located could work, but that option would have to be available only for the Network Administrator. Otherwise if it was on a per-site basis, users could potentially point to harmful files.

    Plugin Author Matt Martz


    Assuming that I do add the functionality, it will need to be done via an add on plugin, probably by some code that you can drop in the mu-plugins directory. It will likely involve adding a filter on the location where the src directory resides. That directory will also need to be web accessible.

    I’ll post more information when I get around to adding that code.

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