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  • It looks like a number of your options in shadowbox are blank. Go to Settings->Shadowbox JS and towards the bottom change “Reset to Defaults” to true and click save changes. then try again.

    Doesn’t work!

    My current settings can be viewed here:

    Well, it quite suddenly started working again, but the “x” closeout button doesn’t work. In addition, when I try using Shadowbox with a NextGen gallery, the buttons for going forward or backwards also don’t work.

    Check out the first two posts on this page to see what I mean:

    Also note that I’m using Tubepress with Shadowbox to show several “Recent Videos” in the sidebar of that page. When one of those movies is played in Shadowbox, the “x” closeout button works just fine.

    This seems very odd. Buttons work when Tubepress calls upon Shadowbox, but not in the two other circumstances.

    In reference to my NextGen Gallery test using Shadowbox, note the following:

    Even though the buttons at the lower right of the shadowbox window do not respond to mouse clicks, you can nonetheless advance to the next slide (or return to the previous slide) by using the arrow buttons on the keyboard. You can also close out using the escape keyboard button. This proves that the functionality is intact, even though the Shadowbox buttons aren’t working:

    I’m not sure what to make of these problems.

    Firebug is reporting that there is a javascript error on your page. I’d take a look at firebug and determine the plugin or script that is causing the error. Likely that error is causing problems with the navigation buttons.

    The Tubepress sidebar widget is what was screwing things up (I had loaded it right about the time I upgraded NextGen). I just removed it from the sidebar and now everything is working fine.

    BTW, Firebug still reports an error having to do with a file called “prototype.js”, but I guess that is not the problem.


Viewing 6 replies - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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