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  • Dear Matt,

    To enable this plugin to display captions, you include another plugin which pushes the title attribute from an image tag onto the enclosing anchor tag (if it doesn’t already have a title).

    I would find it very useful if I could do a similar thing with the alt text. I’d much rather use the alt text as a caption than the title attribute. In fact, some of my anchors already have alt text. They wouldn’t even need to get it from the enclosed image tags.

    Would it be difficult to add a feature which gets the anchor title first from the anchor alt text and then resorts to the image alt text (if there is no anchor alt text)? It would be great to have a setting which allows us to select where to get the anchor title (and prioritize the search order).

    If you could add a feature like this, I’m sure a lot of people would appreciate the extra flexibility it would provide. I certainly would!

    Thanks for considering it,

    Fred Chapman
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  • And I would love to be able to push the title text from the image into the HREF of the link (rather than the title of the link). Is this possible??

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