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  • I am looking to find out if its possible to modify the plugin to allow other information in the footer of an opened Shadowbox JS image?

    When a user opens an image, Shadowbox loads, the image displays, and at the bottom below the image I have just a close button (not using any gallery). I would like to place additional material below such as a link to a page where that image exists, or additional notes about the image.

    It appears that I could modify the JS file shadowbox.js in order to add in that content however, some of the links for example, would be dynamically created within WordPress (such as a link from an index image to the category page) and may not process correctly through the JS file.

    Here is the code from the JS file:

    <div id="sb-nav">
    <a id="sb-nav-close" title="{close}" onclick="Shadowbox.close()"></a>
    <a id="sb-nav-next" title="{next}" onclick=""></a>
    <a id="sb-nav-play" title="{play}" onclick=""></a>
    <a id="sb-nav-pause" title="{pause}" onclick="Shadowbox.pause()"></a>
    <a id="sb-nav-previous" title="{previous}" onclick="Shadowbox.previous()"></a>

    It looks like that is the area I am trying to add more information to. Of course, the title is dynamic and being pulled from the rendered page too.

    If anyone has some insight, it would be greatly appreciated.


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  • I am also keen to find out how to modify for this, or better still to display text descriptions alongside images (as was possible with ThickBox).

    The ideal effect I’m after in WordPress can be seen by clicking on the image at (not a WordPress site).

    Hope there is a genius out there who can help.


    The non-WordPRess site is

    Further to per my posts 3 days ago, in trying to incorporate the “facebox” effect used on the site in a wordpress site I am building, I have now tentatively concluded that WP-prettyPhoto is the best plugin currently available to achieve this.

    I have successfully installed WP-prettyphoto and it works absolutely perfectly for my images (which I am displaying individually for each page), but I haven’t been able to figure out what I need to do to display the image description content beside each image.

    At a really basic level I’m now wanting guidance about such things as:
    – Where do I enter the text for my description content?
    – What settings do I need to change in the WP_prettyPhotos Options panel?
    – What changes do I have to make to any php or css files to achieve what I’m after?
    – What else do I need to do?

    I’ve had a go at doing all the things I considered obvious or likely but without success.

    Any words of wisdom would be most appreciated.

    For closure’s sake, I advise that I found a solution.

    Unfortunately I abandoned my efforts with WP-prettyPhoto, but found a workable alternative in NextGEN Gallery. So far this is working fine for my requirements.


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