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  • Plugin Author stakabo



    are you running the plugin in a multi site WP install ?
    What version of WP are your running ?


    Plugin Author stakabo


    hum ..

    and you have at least 2 site with difrent theme folders ?

    yep. 1000+ sites and 200+ themes.

    You can ping me on and we can chat or you can skype me johny_mac or gmail — im easy

    Or IRC, you pick the channel/network.

    Plugin Author stakabo


    this might be in the way 3.1 puts it’s site in the DB.
    My version of WP is still 3.0.5.

    I’ll upgrade to 3.1 and see what happen …

    go you get any error beside this ?

    Um, I said 3.0.1

    No errors in apache logs or in wordpress but our deployment is scaled out so I may be missing it.

    Plugin Author stakabo


    just tested on a dev with 3.1-beta1-16590 and it works ok.

    Plugin Author stakabo


    got google talk ?

    Update on this: Fixed by editing line 35 which is the MySQL query to read wp_blogs and drop the prefix.

    New problem: If you have a lot of blogs it times out. Proved by adding limit 0,10 to the query.

    Plugin Author stakabo


    hi, limiting 1,10 will not display all your blog, but only the 10 first.

    I will build a query that SELECT only whats needed. now it’s a lazy SELECT *.
    by getting only what the plugin need, it might imrpove performance a lot.

    Yea I can probably do that 2nite. Using limit 0,10 was just proving the theory that the data it was grabbing was too verbose.

    This part of the function sfr_clone_site_mysql_update is making it time out:

    $finder = new dbsearch(DB_NAME);
    $finder->useonly(implode(‘,’ , $tables_array));

    Or so it seems..

    I also had to manually hard code my table_prefix value ;/

    Any idea where to go from here? I am pretty sure my database is too big for me to try to do a find against the whole thing ;/

    PS all of the values sent to find all seem fine.

Viewing 12 replies - 1 through 12 (of 12 total)
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