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  • Resolved xdragus


    Is it possible for the next update (if you still are updating) when you’re selecting files that it shows the absolute path to it so that you can copy the url of it.

    Would be helpful when you’re using custom fields to link to files quickly & painlessly.

    Btw love the plugin – 20000% better than the default media library =)

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  • Plugin Author Sjeiti


    Good suggestion. I’ll see if I can woop up an extra context menu item for that. I hope js has control over clipboard.
    It might be a while before I get to it though…

    Plugin Author Sjeiti


    Ah see, thats what I was afraid of: most browsers do not allow javascript to acces the clipboard. Which does make sense since you wouldn’t want some application to access the password you just copied.
    There are workarounds, but those require Flash and that’s something I’d rather avoid using.

    The only ‘workaround’ I can come up with is putting an extra item in the context menu which has it’s href set to the desired path. But that requires something unintuitive: rightclick for context menu… and rightclick the context menu item to get the browsers context menu… and click ‘copy link adress’.

    Unless I can focus to a hidden input text field the moment somebody presses CTRL … hmmm …

    Plugin Author Sjeiti


    Sweet, got it working on CTRL-c now. Well, the relative path that is. And haven’t tested other browsers and OS’s yet.

    …gotta get back to ‘real’ work now though. Deadlines to meet and bugs to fix :-/

    wow 🙂 hehe I look forward to the next update then!

    as this makes it a little less confusing for my clients to use when they want a post to redirect to a url (pdf) only through custom fields.

    Plugin Author Sjeiti


    Hmpf… got it working in Chrome and Safari, but Firefox and IE won’t select. The technique works in both in a simple test case though. In SFBrowser the $().select(); just doesn’t work….

    Plugin Author Sjeiti


    Sweet, nailed it!
    I’ve committed a new version to the repository, together with some other minor changes/fixes (hope I didn’t break anything).

    You can now copy the filepath of a selected file with CTRL-C
    It doesn’t work on Mac yet and I don’t have one here but I’ll fix it for Command-C monday at my studio.

    Now, if you select multiple files it will only copy the first one. I could make it so that it copies the entire selection. Is that usefull?

    thanks working great!

    it isn’t quite compatible with older browsers but the clients IT guys can just use a newer version of chrome ;p

Viewing 7 replies - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)
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