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  • peteratomic


    Seeing a huge space below my page titles after installing SB.

    Then found this code while viewing the source:

    <p><!– Start Shareaholic LikeButtonSetTop Automatic –><!– End Shareaholic LikeButtonSetTop Automatic –>

    This extra BR tag is messing up the page layout.

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  • Hi, Peter!

    May I have your blog URL, please?

    The paragraph tag would only cause a huge space if your theme’s CSS defines the element with a large (pixel) height. A space is not standard when activating the plugin, so the issue likely lies elsewhere, either with your theme or a conflict with another active plugin.



    Wow, thanks for the fast response!

    If you view source you can see the extra paragraph and BR tag below the page titles… wasn’t there before activating SB.

    Could you please deactivate the plugin temporarily so that I may see the difference in visual display?



    Done. Extra space is now gone, but site is now not so sexy. 🙁

    Aren’t you clever?

    Well, in order to give you a quick response, I will let you know my initial thoughts before deeper analysis. You are using a larger font-size than typical, which naturally creates a taller line-height if not defined smaller than the type. This explains why the space is so large. Also, I think that the space acts as a placeholder in case you configure the plugin to display below the title (above the post), and pairing that with the line-height, you deal with more space than you bargained.

    If you could configure your settings so that the Like/+1 buttons appear above the post before responding, I will be able to see if my assumption is correct.

    Hey, Peter!

    Time’s up! I’ll look for your response tomorrow. You caught me at just the right time today to receive a quick reply, but my workday is through. Let’s resume this later if that’s okay with you. Psst.. even if it isn’t, you’ll have to adjust, because I won’t be back until tomorrow. :p

    Thanks for your (anticipated) patience!



    hi C,

    Your response about font size didn’t make sense to me. Seems very clear that its a problem of either your plugin (or WordPress) writing in an extra <p> tag before the comments tags:

    SB at top:
    <p><!– Start Shareaholic LikeButtonSetTop Automatic –><!– End Shareaholic LikeButtonSetTop Automatic –>

    SB at bottom:
    <p><!– Start Shareaholic LikeButtonSetTop Automatic –><!– End Shareaholic LikeButtonSetTop Automatic –>

    Somehow the <p> tag is getting written into the code and only when your plugin is activated, so what conclusion can you draw from this? Ha!


    I apologize. When you mentioned the source code, I figured you were a web designer. To state this in a different way, there isn’t a bug in the plugin. The markup you see is the same markup that is inserted within the site of everyone using our plugin. The reason you are having a problem is the theme. There are two things that I can recommend:

    #1. If you know a web designer, they can go in and modify your theme’s CSS (stylesheets) to minimize the space.

    #2. You can change to another WordPress theme, where you are very unlikely to encounter the same issue.

    In conclusion, there isn’t a problem with the plugin itself, so Shareaholic cannot assist with your specific dilemma, other than offering some suggestions. However, we do hope you are able to find a resolution to your liking.

    I have another suggestion for you, which may solve your issue without having to make any changes to your theme, but there is a bit of labor involved. You can use the Manual Mode option, which is a selection in the Menu Placement panel of the plugin settings. In order to accomplish this, you will be inserting code snippets into your theme where you would like the share menus to appear.

    Primary Network Menu:

    <?php if(function_exists('selfserv_shareaholic')) { selfserv_shareaholic(); } ?>

    For Like/+1 Button Set:

    <?php if(function_exists('get_shr_like_buttonset')) { get_shr_like_buttonset('Top'); } ?>
    <?php if(function_exists('get_shr_like_buttonset')) { get_shr_like_buttonset('Bottom'); } ?>

    You can still configure the other options available when inserting manually, and they will be passed to the function. I would try this first to see whether it produces the desired results if you would rather not make adjustments to your theme. I’m not guaranteeing that this will do what you want, but there is a strong possibility it will, which makes it worth a try. Thanks!



    Two questions…

    1, are you saying that no one else has problems with the Twenty Ten theme and your plugin? Seems bizarre that mine would be the only one, since its been the default theme for years.

    2, the theme is responsible for inserting a <p> and
    tag around your comment codes?

    Yes, I’m an HTML/CSS web designer, but not a PHP programmer.


    Above, I was discussing HTML/CSS with you, because you referenced markup (the paragraph tag).

    #1. I activated Twenty Ten and do not have the same issue as your do, which means you are correct — it isn’t the theme. This brings me back to my initial statement that there could be a conflict with another plugin.

    #2. I didn’t claim the theme is responsible for the tag. I stated that your stylesheets are responsible for how it defines the tag, but if the problem isn’t the theme or the plugin itself, we have to look elsewhere.

    If another active plugin is responsible for the behavior with SexyBookmarks, you can determine which by deactivating one at a time and refreshing your page on each change. Please, let me know the plugin (if any) you determine to be causing this behavior after performing this task. Thank you.




    “Qoate Simple Code Snippets” was the culprit.

    Sorry if I sounded accusatory. The problem with just knowing HTML/CSS is that one tends to think of these things in very narrow ways, logically, but with built-in false assumptions!

    SOOOO glad you were here to help me solve this… as this same plugin was causing other icky problems elsewhere, but had no idea it was to blame!

    Sorry that I assumed it was the CSS. I should have asked which theme you were using before going into stylesheet values, so that I could check it against my install. 🙂

    Usually problems with SexyBookmarks (stable versions) are caused by incompatible themes or conflicting plugins.

    If any other problems arise, we will be glad to help. Thanks for your patience!

    Hey there, hate to reopen this issue, but I have exactly the same problem, without being able to point the finger at any plugins (as I’ve disabled them all on my local server). Seems that sexybookmarks creates the code, <p><!-- Start Shareaholic LikeButtonSetTop Automatic --><!-- End Shareaholic LikeButtonSetTop Automatic --><br /> without either the paragraph closing tag, or proper commenting of the entire block.

    You can find my blog here.

    FYI, I put a negative margin on my h3s (here) to temporarily fix it, but it’s certainly not a permanent fix.

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