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  • The Facebook Like and Send buttons are not showing up in any version of Sexy Bookmarks. I tried all versions from 4.0.4 to

    Also I have tried it on WP 3.2.1 an WP 3.3.

    I have tried all the options. It doesn’t change anything.

    I have the Tweet, +1, Like and Send buttons checked. (I’ve even tried to reorder the positions. Didn’t help.)

    What happens is the Tweet button drops down and moves to the right. Then the +1 button drops down. The Like and Send buttons never show up. I thought maybe they were being replaced by the others, but that’s not the case.

    There is no conflict with any other plugins since I deleted all plugins except for this one. Flushed the browser cache many times. (I’m not using a caching plugin.)

    There is no problem with the server or my versions of PHP or MySql, since I control the server and the software.

    Any ideas on what the conflict is? Javascript would seem to be working since the +1 and Tweet show up. It looks like how it accesses the Like and Send buttons is the problem.

    I haven’t checked the code to see where that happens yet.


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  • anikbiswas_shareaholic


    Sorry to hear that, Ron!

    Have you tried everything including Reset Settings?

    If it still doesn’t work, could you please leave behind your URL for us to investigate?

    Thanks, Ron!

    I’ve tried just about everything. I”ll experiment some more and let you know the results.

    I do all of this on a local install so that I can control the environment, so I wouldn’t be able to give you the URL.

    Actually I might have to end up writing my own script since none of the plugins do exactly what I need. I want to also have a “vote” button which will keep count and doesn’t connect to any outside servers. I want the feedback from users more than the sharing.

    BTW, the Google +1 is showing up and you are pulling that from the same place that you get the Like button. I would think having separate icons in separate files would be a better way to go.


    Trying different combos now. The Like and Send buttons do show on the settings page when I have them selected. They don’t show up on the posts or pages, no matter what combination I use. (I assume you are calling the Like and Send buttons on the settings page from the fbplusone.png file, right?)

    The path to fbplusone.png is correct because the +1 icon works. I’m wondering if it could be the positions on the Like and Send buttons? As far as I can tell fbplusone.png is only called by admin-style.css, so I believe it is a css problem.

    I’m swamped with projects right now, but I’m going to investigate a little more this afternoon.


Viewing 3 replies - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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