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    By default the “Track performance” option is enabled. Tracking performance sounds great to most people. Who doesn’t want to track their site’s performance?

    What they don’t realize is that this enables 3rd party tracking with Google Analytics and Media6Degrees which forwards to Google AdSense/AdWords/Doubleclick. If the user has 3rd party cookies enabled this will set cross site tracking cookies on all services.

    You need a clear description on the settings page of what the “Track performance” option does, what data is shared, and how it will be used. This isn’t clear anywhere except in complaints from users. There should also be more specific language in your privacy policy detailing this. Your privacy policy is very vague and does a poor job at distinguishing between what is used in the plugin and on your own website.

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  • I agree!

    plus now even if you deactivate the “Track performance” there’s another script
    that’s injected…

    the name of the folder is more then clear “dough” = “money”…

    Plugin Author shareaholic


    We pour our hearts and countless hours into the development and support of SexyBookmarks and only have the best intentions. We really appreciate your feedback and if you look at our history we’ve always corrected any mistakes (unintentional) that we ever make. Our users are our #1 focus and priority.


    Thanks so much for your feedback. We should have followed up earlier with you, but based on your great feedback we updated the privacy policy to be clearer back in early October. Btw, our privacy principals and policy are adapted from a policy originally provided by Automattic, the makers of WordPress. We’re ever grateful to them.

    Also, in our latest release we’ve also added clear descriptions in multiple locations, including the admin panel, for complete clarity.


    If you were running the last version of the plugin ( and had “Track Performance” check box turned off then no 3rd party scripts should have been loading whatsoever. We have again tested this and confirmed that there are no apparent bugs. If possible, can you point to your site so we can check for any possible issues or conflicts with other plugins?

    We provide detailed social analytics back to our users. This is an integral and very important and popular part of the offering that provides tremendous value to users. You should check them out if you haven’t already.

    Shareaholic reports all important social media metrics including popular pages, referral channels, and who are making referrals and spreading webpages on the internet on the publishers behalf bringing back more traffic and new visitors. The value these reports provide to our users can be measured by their tremendous popularity. In addition these scripts track usage metrics that are crucial to improving the sharing tools & services. Alongside engaging with the community, internal metrics are our data-driven way to deliver the best possible product.

    The plugin homepage now even more clearly communicates for what we may track and that we may include 3rd party calls to enhance the data from time to time (just like WordPress does with their own plugins WP-Stats and Jetpack). In addition there is an easy explicit way for users to switch on/off this feature completely from the wp-admin panel via a simple checkbox. We’re one of the very few plugins that does this.

    On closer examination, we could have more clearly communicated how certain
    features operated in the directory listing and plugin dashboard. We have
    taken immediate corrective steps to do so now. We really appreciate your feedback and, I hope, your continued support.

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