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[resolved] [Plugin: SexyBookmarks | email, bookmark, and share buttons] Broken URLs have double http// (6 posts)

  1. neotrope
    Posted 4 years ago #

    Latest update causes 2 issues with our news portal

    1) suddenly the SB links create double http elements like so: click the diigo button,

    2) with the OG option on, we now no longer get images pushed to LinkedIn and others, since we use local images inserted dynamically into the text from our master CMS pushing to WP install; so there are no images in the "gallery" (also saves dbase space). For example on above page, image is simply loaded from http://send2pressnewswire.com/image/11-0906-prtwiz_72dpi.jpg per normal img src tag in the story text, not uploaded via WP GUI. I have to use the "AddThis" widget to get images pushed from this page.

    3) does anybody audit the widgets ? AOL's Propeller died last year so why keep the option in there through the past 10 updates? MIXX has also been DOA for many months since sold to another company, and it's no longer a valid option.

    4) would be nice to have a commercial option to pay for this and remove the bloated elements, including pushing all the links through the Shareaholic system first. We often run into issues where we cannot use the Sexy links for Google Buzz, or Digg, as the Shareaholic server times out. Why not direct links without you tracking everything? A commercial option to bypass all your stuff if desired would be cool, as we're exploring how to recreate this "look" with our own graphics and more efficient posting without the redirects through your server.


  2. neotrope
    Posted 4 years ago #

    update to item (2) in my prior post; the double URLs also happen with OG option off.

    Looks like we may need to disable plugin entirely due to this bug, as it's creating BAD links to our site that don't work; if they were wrong after the double http at least it would hit a not found, but this simply makes folks post bad links to us, which don't work (duh).

    Hoping for update tonight to this, otherwise we'll have to ditch this for something simpler. Love it, but not working properly.

  3. zechmann
    Posted 4 years ago #

    yep, got the same double http problem here too. FIX QUICK plz :(

  4. neotrope
    Posted 4 years ago #

    had to disable on 2 sites so far due the error
    ... once a fix is made, will re-enable and send donation in :-)

    Tried posting bug report, but my prior password not working on the bug track page. One of those weeks, I guess.... doh!

  5. neotrope
    Posted 4 years ago #

    Hey! I think the update on Sept. 9 fixed this. One of our sites still running the plugin, updated, double URLs fixed and properly pushing dingle http://urlhere vs http//http://urlhere .


  6. Shareaholic
    Plugin Author

    Posted 4 years ago #

    neotrope, thanks so much for the heads up! As always, we try to act quickly.

    - Og Tags = you can now disable them completely or per post.
    - Propeller is now gone
    - If you're seeing redirects timeouts, PLEASE tell us when/where! It should not be happening at all.

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