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  • The plugin settings screen is displayed in the site language as set in WordPress settings » general » Site Language.

    It should follow the language from the currently logged in user (just like everything else in the WP backend).

    Use case
    – Site language: Dutch
    – Admin language: English

    When the admin is logged in, everything in the WP backend is shown in English because the current user language is English, except for the labels in the restaurant reservation settings screen, they are shown in Dutch (site language).


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    Hi JP,

    Perhaps the translation you are using for the Dutch is just incomplete? The settings pages do indeed use the language of the current user. Please see the video we just took here:

    This is straight from our demo page. We have the main site language set to English. We have a separate user whose profile language is set to Italian. As you can see, when we visit the settings page with that account, it is indeed in Italian. You can, however, see that, even in this case, there are some elements that are not translated, meaning the translation used for the Italian is also incomplete, as is likely the case for your Dutch translation.

    Thanks for the recording. Unfortunately I can’t see what you are doing because the top part of your screen is not in the recording.

    Here is a video of my own

    In the video I keep English as my user language and switch the site language to Dutch, German, Italian and French and the plugin always follows the site language, while it should stay in English because that’s the user language.

    Plugin Support jaysupport


    The way the video was recorded, including the top part not being there, was to protect the name/username/identity, etc. of the users. I thought it would still be apparent as you can see in the left menu what screens we’re on. And I explained it in my reply, under the video link. Just in case, the first screen shows the general WordPress settings, which shows that the main site language is set to English. The second screen shows the profile edit page for a user who has their language set to Italian. The third screen shows the settings page for the plugin, which is being translated to the language of the user (Italian) even though the site is set to English.

    The issue actually seems to be happening only if the language you set as the main site language has a translation file included in the plugin. For example, since Italian has a translation file included with the plugin, if you set your main site language to this, it will override the language at the user level. If, however, you set the main site language to something that does not have an included translation file, then the user language setting will take priority. We’ll need to look into why this is the case. Once we’ve got it corrected, we’ll include it in an update.

    Ok, glad to know you may have found the cause of the issue.

    Nowadays there is no need to include the translations with the plugin. It’s better to let the community do the translations at and WordPress will automatically download the translations for the languages that are in use on that website.

    I have translated to Dutch here to 100%. I also translated your business profile plugin here to 100% and the restaurant menu plugin here to 82%.

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