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  • I guess this is the right forum for this sort of suggestion but if not, please feel free to edit.

    I was just wondering if it would be possible to consider the grouping of plugin setting links in a panel similar to the plugin one in the admin area?

    I appreciate that in the grand scheme it’s a huge request but I feel it’s one that’s hopefully worth making anyway 🙂

    I have written up a suggestion with a suggested screenshot idea of what I’m talking about here.



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  • +1 for Idea

    The problem is those plugin settings are all determined by the plugin developer :/ While there may be suggested standards, there’s no code way to force everyone to be in the ‘right’ place :/

    Sadly that’s probably why it’s just going to be a suggestion at best. I’d imagine the manpower required just to enforce it would make it difficult to keep tabs on.

    Still, thanks for checking out the idea 🙂

    Oh hells bells. Yeah, we have enough trouble keeping up as is 😉 A lot of the problems with plugins rely on the community to report them.

    You can make some COMPULSORY RULES

    for plugin authors to got Plugin added at wordpress directory

    If they dnt follow such rules PLUGIN can be rejected from admiting in directory so they have to follow the standards 😉

    Except we’d have to grandfather in 14,106 plugins (as of right now). The theme directory, we were able to delete everything (a much smaller number), add back the GPL friendly ones, and start over. Plugins is MUCH much harder.

    Perhaps if someone could code a checker to see if those settings were made, THEN we could do it, but a rule you cannot enforce easily is no better than no rule at all.

    yeah ! U r rite Ipstenu its much difficult to test & check the old/new released plugins 1 by 1 it should be automated.

    m not so gud in programming & all but 1 thing can be done
    there should be some value/function in the WP by which
    WP check the plugin options before installing/activating it.

    Except you have to remember not every plugin NEEDS uninstall options, and some need far more complicated uninstallers (see WP Super Cache). There isn’t a one size fits all method, so automation would probably only be about 75% successful.


    U R v.rite though all options/files cannot be removed but database table/values can be removed easily.
    WP can ot automatically pick the values to delet from DB
    author of plugin knows well the database values created/used by plugin, he can easily provide function to delete them

    See my comments here as to why a required uninstall feature on deactivation would be bad:

    YES the dev can and should, though, IMO.

Viewing 10 replies - 1 through 10 (of 10 total)
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