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  • Hi,

    Any known issues with WPML and Schema plugin?

    Some identified challenges but maybe I’m missing something…
    – No schema is added to translated pages (tested AboutPage and ContactPage for second language)
    – I find no wpml-config.xml file in plugin root (would be great)
    – Schema Settings are not recognized by WPML
    — General settings showing all pages and not one setting per language
    – Translating Admin Settings using String Translation still don’t produce schema output for second language

    Any thoughs or help would be great.

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  • Plugin Author Hesham Zebida


    I haven’t got a chance to look into WPML yet, I know it’s worth it, so I will see if I can look into it this coming week.

    A note for the author, as I can see you working a lot with your plugin.

    …look into WPML yet

    If your work is not prepared with translations in mind, and as @fjalestad mention, that for now the schemas not recognized on translated “ordinary” pages like About us, you have full time weeks to look into WPML.

    I suggest you say : No, WPML not supported, maybe in future.

    I been working with WPML in many years, and also using your plugin in some installs. As you do a great job with your plugin baby, I suggest you consider this when starting “translation plugins support” and cut down a week or two:

    Set first GOAL: As this plugin load schemas from ‘saved’ (post) meta. A translated page must transfer your meta on creation. BUT not be synced to follow ‘master page’ custom field changes.

    This can be done by 1) coded manually, or 2) make it clear for the users to check Your (schema plugin) meta field(s) in WPML settings “dublicate” data rules on custom fields settings, and much more, or 3) XML file config file – forcing WPML to follow some rules. But the latter would (propably) not be enough for your plugin.

    The problem will occur when user changes the master and expect the translations to follow. To avoid master’s schemas titles and images to show up on translated pages schemas, the meta must be re-rendered “individually”, and with that your time-stamp update check system.

    You propably end up learning the WPML trid ‘id’ functions, parsing all siblings while one is changed.

    Unf, WPML documentations sucks and support takes weeks before get development-level-answers. However WPML is the best multilang tool by far, on advanced pro installs.

    as CONFORT

    I think your functions grabs the current page view id as key to render all the schemas stuff, and WPML translated architecture is just individual posts/ terms, the front end would not be any issues at all as it is.


    Your main meta key name should not be hidden with _underscore, it should be easy to find for admins, and also most plugins tries to find you, if you NOT using hidden namespaces for crucial combat fields. WPML has ‘one click theme copatibility checkbox’ but I doubt that will solve this problem. However, this checkbox is not recommended on pro installs as it slow down the site.

    Good luck

    Plugin Author Hesham Zebida


    Thanks for your help and tips @jonas-lundman , I will consider it as a reference.

    Thread Starter fjalestad


    G’Day @jonas-lundman, har du möjlighet och lust att utbyta erfa kring Schema och WPML då det verkar som vi arbetar med liknande utmaningar just nu. Finns på mattias (och)

    @hishaman – thank you for consideration of WPML compatibility. I’m sure you’ll make some new friends on your WPML journey as well. It’s not easy but that’s exactly the reason it hasn’t been done well before either – your challenge 🙂


    @fjalestad Jag har skickat ett mail.

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