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  • Plugin Author Mervin Praison


    I am sorry for that.
    It should work. I could see the meta description and meta keywords on your main page.

    It would be great if you could sent me a copy of your admin panel image to me, here

    Anyways will be releasing a newer version soon.


    Plugin Author Mervin Praison


    Its because of the latest Release of WordPress version 3.4.1

    Lot of plugins and themes got crashed due to this.
    So I will be releasing a newer version soon.

    And sorry for any issues and Thanks for your patience.

    If I follow the link to your site I am warned that I will be infected with malware.

    home and front_page works out of the box
    – the pages and posts are missing the keywords and the description meta…

    I kinda rewrote the seo-metabox-class.php file, but the following should do the trick:

    find this (almost at the bottom):

      if($uid=='zeo_description' && get_option('zeo_home_description')==NULL )echo "<meta name='description' content='".$seo_data_class->zeo_get_post_meta($uid)."'/> ";
      if($uid=='zeo_keywords' && get_option('zeo_home_keywords')==NULL)echo " <meta name='keywords' content='".$seo_data_class->zeo_get_post_meta($uid)."'/>";
      if($uid=='zeo_index' && !is_front_page())echo " <meta name='robots' content='".$seo_data_class->zeo_get_post_meta($uid)."'/>";

    replace it with

    elseif( $checkvalue != NULL )
      if( $uid == 'zeo_description') echo '<meta name="description" content="'.$seo_data_class->zeo_get_post_meta($uid).'"/>';
      if( $uid == 'zeo_keywords') echo '<meta name="keywords" content="'.$seo_data_class->zeo_get_post_meta($uid).'"/>';
      if( $uid == 'zeo_index') echo '<meta name="robots" content="'.$seo_data_class->zeo_get_post_meta($uid).'"/>';

    Best regards – lovely plugin – i think you did a nice job 🙂



    It is to funny to tell it, but this plugin takes a lot of patience.

    After i fix my seo-metaboc-class.php like maxemil, now i have a new problem with my meta description. I have TWO descriptions on mainpage. I have the description for this page and the description from the newest article on mainpage.
    What should i do? Kick this plugin in or fix it?

    best regards


    @maxemil Thanks so much for this quick fix!

    @mervin Praison Great little plugin. Though you might consider an update incorporating this fix from @maxemil. Thanks.

    @michaelbrueckner Did you get this problem with the double descriptions figured out? I suspect it may not be a problem with the plugin but rather the theme. I would suggest starting another thread about your issue that way @mervin Praison can mark this issue complete.

Viewing 6 replies - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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