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  • Trying to understand the difference between Ultimate SEO and Greg’s High Performance SEO.

    Greg’s SEO has a feature that can be turned on or off, called Sledgehammer Mode (which is not recommended by the plugin) due to the amount of extra code, etc. that is needed in order to make things work, without adding code directly into a theme. They say that running in Sledgehammer Mode could cause conflicts with other plugins.

    I was curious, if Ultimate SEO is using a similar feature (as Greg’s Sledgehammer Mode) since Ultimate SEO works (out of the box) similarly to Greg’s SEO .. if I were to turn the Sledgehammer Mode on.

    I’m just concerned that my site will run as fast as possible (at all times) and not have any conflicts with other plugins, therefore I was hoping someone might be able to tell me if Ultimate SEO is cleaner and faster than Greg’s SEO, as if I were using the Sledgehammer Mode in Greg’s SEO?

    Any advice or insight as to the differences between Ultimate SEO and Greg’s SEO (using Sledgehammer Mode)??


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    Greg’s is getting away from WordPress (support has already moved away from WP forums). I would not be surprised if a few months down the line Greg’s is discontinued.

    (Sorry that I have answered an entirely different question)

    Thanks. I guess I’ll use a different plugin. Can you suggest what “you” think might be best (for within WordPress)?



    No idea. I’m trying to find that out myself 🙂

    Looking at 3 candidates: All-in-one SEO, SEO ultimate, and SEO by Yoast.

    Of the 3, AIOSEOP seems to be most popular, while Yoast is the most rated and has the best ratings, SEO ultimate is the least popular. Take that to mean what you may.

    🙂 *smile* Well, be sure to come back and share you’re final opinion. I’d appreciate your comments and reasons for one over the other. Thanks and be well.

    I tried Greg’s but there was so much coding that I was convinced I would lose if there was a simple upgrade of WordPress or a plug-in.

    Also, he turned his comments off sometime last year so you couldn’t evrn ask a question. (previous poster said it took it off of WordPress but there was no redirection.

    A lot of his answers were short and snarky too… while I was looking for assistance I did not expect an attitude! I think he got burned out on it?

    I use SEO Ultimate for all of my sites. Love the Deep Link Juggernaut capability (automatic internal linking) and so much control. I would highly recommend SEO Ultimate! (p.s. and the white papers they publish are chock full of great seo tips too)



    I decided to go with SEO by Yoast.

    Partly I went with the wisdom of the crowds – lots of downloads, and the highest number of people rating, and the highest average rating.

    He is pretty responsive here on the forums, so I figured support won’t be an issue.

    It has some really cool features like page analysis.

    So far quite happy with it.

    Thanks for the input. I actually did my own evaluation and chose TinyMCE Advanced. This (for my preference) seemed best. 🙂 Gary

Viewing 7 replies - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)
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