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    Found these variables so far: {excerpt}, {excerpt::autogen}, {meta_description}, {description}

    and am wondering why you didn’t include all possible variables in the context help?
    I really need to see a list of all possible variables and to which fields one could apply them.

    I’d also need to know how they work, i.e. {excerpt} does this look for an excerpt and what if there is none? Does it fall-back i.e. onto: {excerpt::autogen}?

    There really is a lack of documentation or I can’t find the links so please help me out here.

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    It says: “Use the X most commonly-used words” as meta keywords – but are stop words excluded automatically? If not, how about adding that feature? If yes, how about an option of specifying the language so the proper stop words can be filtered out?

    I’d really love to have stop words filtering as I don’t want to end up having a post have “and, the, when, like, to” as keywords 🙁

    It seems the “Slug Optimizer” module uses a list of stop words.

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    You can’t set up default values for custom post types and custom taxonomies.


    Plugin Contributor John


    1. Better documentation is coming in a future release.

    {excerpt::autogen} uses an excerpt if there is one; if there isn’t, it autogenerates one.

    {excerpt} uses an excerpt if there is one; if there isn’t, it returns nothing.

    2. Yes, stop words are automatically excluded from meta keywords. The stop words list from the Slug Optimizer is used. You can customize the stop words list on the Slug Optimizer admin page.

    3. The ability to set default title tag formats for custom post types and custom taxonomies is on the list of future features.

    Thanks John.

    One last question: are there more variables we can use except: {excerpt}, {excerpt::autogen}, {meta_description}, {description}?

    If so, where can I find a list?



    insert in …./wp-content/plugins/seo-ultimate/modules/meta-keywords.php in line 121

    $words = array_map('strtolower', $words);

    so all stopwords will used – the default replace from the slugs IS case sensitive.

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