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  • another suggestion –

    I dislike having links embedded in titles and headings. I know I could hide them by adjusting the css to make the links appear the same as the heading and titles they are contained in, but I’d rather not have them there at all.
    Phrases that make good anchor text for links are probably also good as part of a heading or title – would it be possible to have an option not to use text in headings and titles as link sources please?

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  • Plugin Contributor John


    Thanks for the suggestion. I’ve added it to the future feature ideas list.

    Thanks John 🙂

    Hi what is the function of Deeplink Juggernaut
    Sorry I am still a newbie in SEO,


    Plugin Contributor John


    @efikim: This feature is coming in the next version. Thanks for your patience.

    @catherinejonk91: Deeplink Juggernaut scans your posts for phrases you specify and links those phrases to other posts of your choosing. The phrases by which you link to your posts will factor into the ranking for those posts.

    Hi John thanks I appreciate the reply.
    But Sorry I am not really good with english. Do you mean Deeplink Juggernaut links a keyword to something that doesn’t really come up with a link?
    Sorry if it is wrong, but this concept I still find it hard to understand even though I read your documentation on the plugin’s site.

    Plugin Contributor John


    Here’s an example:

    1. On the Deeplink Juggernaut admin page, you add a new link with “green widget” as the “Anchor Text” and a post about green widgets as the “Destination.”

    2. Deeplink Juggernaut searches all your other posts for the word “green widget” and automatically links all those words to the post you specified.

    3. Your green widgets post ranks higher for the term “green widget” because of all the “green widget” links pointing to it.

    oh that sounds great! Thank you!

Viewing 7 replies - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)
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