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    Be careful installing and activating this plugin.

    It installs okay, however on activation it breaks the wp-admin backend and just gives empty pages with no html in the source, you cannot then get back into your site to remove the plugin.

    To fix you need to ftp of ssh into your site and remove the seo-ultimate/ directory allowing you to access your site backend again…


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  • here’s a list of all plugins i have installed in case any are clashing with SEO Ultimate :


    Plugin Contributor John


    This can be found on the FAQ tab, and will hopefully point you in the right direction:

    I installed SEO Ultimate and my site broke. What do I do? If you get an error message or your screen goes blank after you activate SEO Ultimate, it’s likely because your site ran out of memory. A common site memory limit is 32 megabytes. SEO Ultimate uses only 5 megabytes of memory, but combined with WordPress and your other plugins, you may be running over the limit. Try increasing your memory limit to “64M” (64 megabytes) in your wp-config.php file, or contact your web host for assistance. (Note: The amount of site memory has nothing to do with the amount of your computer’s memory.)


    I have the same issue and get the following message now when I bring up my login page or my web address:

    Fatal error: Using $this when not in object context in /home/mcphoto/public_html/wp-content/plugins/seo-ultimate/modules/user-code/user-code.php on line 30

    I am not fluent in PHP code and don’t have the knowledge to log in via FTP.

    Please would you be able to help? Is acting on a solution a service that you can provide?

    Many Thanks,


    I’m happy to help resolve, however you’ll need to send me your website details and your username and password. Please do not post them here. drop me a mail at alan ‘at’

    Alternatively, contact your hosting company and explain the issue, point them to this thread, and they will be able to resolve.


    Plugin Contributor John



    In your case, the problem is not caused by memory limits. It’s caused by a bug, and upgrading to SEO Ultimate 7.2.9 will fix the problem. No need to send your login details to anyone.

    If you’re unable to login at all, here’s how to fix it:
    1. Go to your host’s control panel and look for a “file manager” tool
    2. Using the file manager, navigate to the wp-content folder, then go to plugins => seo-ultimate => modules => user-code (If you can’t find the wp-content folder, you may need to browse into a folder called something like public_html first)
    3. Delete the file user-code.php

    This will allow you to get back into your WordPress admin.

    I’m very sorry for the inconvenience. Let me know whether this works.

    Deleting user-code didn’t work for me. I’ll check about memory later when I can.

    I changed the memory and it still didn’t work. It also was messing up the page for Google XML Sitemaps too. I don’t know what else it is doing.

    I have a similar kind of problem. I updated my WordPress SEO plugin and it broke my admin panel. However I can login into my admin panel and see the posts, which I have written but I can’t update or publish new posts as it gives the following error

    Fatal error: Allowed memory size of 67108864 bytes exhausted (tried to allocate 1024 bytes) in /home3/healtld5/public_html/wp-includes/capabilities.php on line 883

    By deactivating the WordPress SEO plugin, everything works fine. But, how to get the plugin in proper working state. And by deleting and re-installing this plugin, whether it will delete my all SEO, which I have done for already published posts?

    Plugin Contributor John


    The instructions about deleting user-code were only for the error message that mcphotography reported. If you’re getting a “memory size exhausted” error, you need to look into raising the memory limits.

    This is the forum for the SEO Ultimate plugin, not the WordPress SEO plugin. However, my original reply about raising memory limits should resolve the problem in either plugin.

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