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  • First, My compliments to the author for a superb plugin. Works very well and highly recommended.

    I enabled the “Add list automatically right after post content” option and set the “Max number of search terms” at 50. The result is that the search terms that visitors were using to find my site got printed on the page.

    This appears to have been seen as “keyword stuffing” by google bot with the result that the my pages have been deleted from the search results (they used to appear in the first five).

    I have now disabled the option to print on the page.

    (i) Has anybody else had a similar experience?
    (ii) Any idea how long it takes google bot to re-include the pages?

    My suggestion is that even if you choose to print the search terms on the page, keep it at the default of 10.

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  • Plugin Author poer


    yes, if you over used it, it definitely keyword stuffing. please keep the max number of search terms in acceptable range ( 10 is OK ).

    Theres also option “Save popular search terms as post tags” Do i have to select this? yes or no?

    Because one of my post now has 300 tags! that is insane.

    No It must not be selected because a surplus of tags & keywords on the page is misunderstood as ‘keyword stuffing’ and severely punished by the search engines.

    I disabled both options (they are unselected by default)and my pages are back in the search results.

    The plug-in is a fine one but must be used within limits. The plug-in tells you what keywords the readers are searching for. You should write new articles where those keywords are emphasized. This will give your page better ranking for those keywords.

    Not sure if my problem is the same, but I had this option enabled too, and set at 50. The plugin is no longer working. I got a friend to search for a specific search term on google and click on my page when found, but the searched term didn’t show up on the list. I have not been de-indexed from Google, and I am not sure if Google can have that kind of effect on a plugin i.e. to stop it working. Please can anyone offer any suggestions as to why it is no longer working on my blog?

    I have it also set up on a different blog, hosted on the same server, and that one is working fine. Both have the same settings for SEO Search Terms2 plugin. Any advice would be great thanks.

    My site has been affected by this really badly by this plugin.

    My site started to rank pretty well after I started submitting to a blog network like you recommend. I heard about a plugin called Search Terms Tagging 2 and installed it. I installed that plugin exactly 2 weeks ago and it’s caused me nothing but problems. First it started randomly publishing older posts (I thought my site was hacked), then my keywords tanked. It’s been 2 weeks and I’ve updated my robots.txt file to de-index those pages and deleted the plugin. Despite this, no return in rankings yet. According to the email from the guy who recommended it to me, the same thing happened to him and his site did come back after a week or so. No such luck for me…

    Has anyone else’s site come back up in the SERP’s after getting penalized?



    (i) What is the blog network that you submitted to? Does it still retain its PR?

    (ii) The random publishing of old posts does not seem to be the handiwork of this plugin.

    (iii) Did you change the default settings? Increase the number of keywords to be shown on the post? Select the “Save popular search terms as post tags”?

    If you did (iii), that may be the culprit. If you disable, you will get re-indexed soon. Just have patience.

    Use the plugin sparingly. Its a great tool to know what combination of search words have gotten people onto your site so you can start new posts concentrating on those search terms and get more traffic.

    Hey Investor,

    I was able to stop the random publishing of posts, luckily. I don’t remember what settings I chose but I think I did select “Save popular search terms as post tags”

    I will be patient with it. The weird thing is that I re-submitted an XML sitemap, deleted the plugin, and deindexed the tag pages, but can’t figure out why the site’s rankings are still down.

    Did your site recover from the ranking drop?

    Thanks again for your reply.


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