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  • Greetings and thanks for the plugin.

    I am trying to remove individual false search terms from one of my posts but without removing all of the search terms entirely. For example, in this post, it shows costa rica flooding or whatever it has flood in the post and the post has nothing to do with floods. How can I remove this and make the plugin more accurate for situations like this?

    Just the ability to remove the false term would be great. Unless we can do this google is going to create a work around or penalize us users. If you notice in the last 3 months, there is so much garbage in the serps and it is all because of scripts like this one. On the whole, this script is a great concept and something I have done for my sites manually just by see which terms are most popular. But with false terms going to irrelevant pages is going to blow back on us for sure unless this gets solved.

    Adding the false term to the banned list is not an option since I do have pages in the site for “Costa Rica flooding” so that is pointless and only good for it intended use to keep out nasty words.

    Example post:

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  • Plugin Author poer


    you can use the delete button in the admin page to delete those keywords from your database.

    i think false keywords is a common problem when we have a list of recent posts/recent search terms etc that displayed site wide (in all pages). honestly, i still don’t have any idea how to work around this.

    Thanks for the reply.

    The only way I can think of it working in this sense is to add a section on the edit post page. Since the term is linking to the specific post ID, you have have the edit post page pull those terms associated with that post ID, similar on how the current tagging works but in another area.

    This then allows people like me who do not want to ban a word entirely but only from that specific Post ID. In the same section, could add a box where I could just copy and past the term we do not want showing up. This is something that is easy to manage if you keep your tags to a limit under 10 terms.

    Of course this is not really a solution for larger sites with thousands of pages but then those sites do not need it anyway. If they got to thousands of pages, they were already doing something right, so they would not be searching for a plugin like this.


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