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  • Perryb2006



    I have been using this plugin for a lot of time now. And must say, it does wonders to traffic.

    However, there’s a bit disappointment when it comes to providing support for this plugin.

    Anyway, I have been facing problem since I upgraded to wordpress 3.3.2. The plugin is not able to clean up and maintain it’s table in database. It does show xxxx number of items of cleaned but the table and so does db keeps on growing.

    Is anyone facing the same problem?

    Any help will be appreciated.

    Thanks 🙂

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  • Hi,

    I reported the same issue a few months ago. To my knowledge, it was rather an issue with my host interfering with WordPress CRON jobs, since at the same time scheduled backups also failed to be performed.

    I found a workaround by installing WP Cron Control Plugin, and defining a CRON job (in Plesk, but should work as well with CPanel or whatever site manager your host have installed) that runs every hour (see WP Cron Control documentation, it is rather straightforward if you have a Plesk access or similar).

    Since this moment, everything is fine!

    Hope this helps,


    Hi lecyril,

    Thanks for your reply 🙂

    Is this plugin working for you? I reinstalled it (thinking, doing so might resolve the issue) but since then new terms aren’t being created or shown :/

    Any help with this?

    Also, it’s a humble request to author to please consider updating this awesome plugin. A lot of bloggers are using it 🙂

    Hi again,
    Yes, it does. I have it installed with WP 3.4.1 and STT2 1.535 on two different websites.

    Sorry if it does not work for you, I am afraid I cannot help you more!

    what cron job command are you using to run it, could you please post it? Thank you!

    Oh, sorry gixty7!

    I did not subscribe to this thread, and I missed your question.

    I use the WP Cron Control Plugin with “Enable WP-Cron Control” set to “Yes”. The plugin generates a secret string that you have to insert in the CRON command. Let’s say this secret string is 1234567abc

    In Cpanel, the CRON job I defined is :

    php /home/(…)/wp-content/plugins/wp-cron-control/wp-cron-control.php 1234567abc

    (straightforward copy-paste from WP Cron Control Settings page, obviously replacing (…) by the path, by your website, and 1234567abc by the secret string)

    According to WP Cron Control Plugin, it should also work with:

    wget -q “”

    I run the CRON job every night @2:52 (i.e. 50 / 2 / * / * / * ) in CPanel, and now everything works correctly! Ask your host if you are unsure how to set up CRON jobs, they will probably be able to do it for you.


Viewing 5 replies - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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