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  • Hi, I’ve been using Rank Reporter on my blog for a few months and a few weeks ago I noticed all my keywords showing “Not in top 100” but I moved on since I didn’t have time to troubleshoot it.

    However, this week I installed another plugin called Keyword Winners and this new plugin was not able to get rank or competition data from google.

    The Keyword Winners vendor logged into my wp-admin and did some testing then told me that google thinks my IP is a robot. I confirmed this by going to a google link via Lynx from my hosting provider’s shell account. I have a dedicated IP on our Rackspace server.

    My questions to you are: 1) could Rank Reporter have somehow triggered the robot flag with google because I have so many posts? 2) I don’t know how to complete the captcha on google because I don’t have a gui browser, does Rank Reporter have a captcha solver or do you know of one I can run as a plugin?


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  • Plugin Author David Scoville


    I’m not sure if the Rank Reporter could have caused the problem. It could be any number of plugins or other issues. Unfortunately, there is not a way to complete the captcha automatically.

    david, will you be adding a bulk url & keyword features. Willing to donate to have it done. please contact me at risingrank[at]

    this plugin send requests to Google in order to track rankings, which may get your site (or entire server) banned as it is against Google’s TOS to send automated queries.

    sounds like that happened in the case mentioned above.

    So this plugin seems like it’s bound to not work in the long term – or am I not understanding something here? are you doing some trick to look like a new visitor with every search performed?

    I wonder if you could get this plugin to work with someone like (who advertise with you) but have it all integrated within wordpress for an extra low price? that might be a more sustainable direction for this plugin to evolve to.

    thanks for a great plugin!

    An idea to solve this issue is to check for google kws using visitors IP.
    After a visit you can start a background job using the visitors details.
    Each visitor can “search” and “rank” a KW avoiding the Website ip address to be flagged has a bot.

    And example of this is the plugin for pings.

    I think this could be a good solution for this problem.

    so my SEO guy says
    “when any tool doesn’t take long enough breaks between queries, Google sees a problem with it. In general, it’s dangerous to have it coming from a Website. Google may think it’s malware
    if you can change these settings, have the tool take long breaks between queries. (the interval between checking different keywords). The interval should be at least a minute, and vary each time. Basically, it should look natural, as if a person was searching.

    so how is this plugin currently doing queries? i see it’s daily but are they spaced out?

Viewing 5 replies - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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