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  • I noticed that when this plugin is active, then I’m unable to expand/collapse the menus on Pages/Posts edit, such as Publish, Categories, Tags etc. on the “Edit Post” page.

    I also cannot click the “Delete” link on the Plugins page.

    Once deactivating this plugin, all the above is working again.

    I tested in: Safari and Chrome on Mac. Firefox and Internet Explorer on Windows. Same problem all 4 browsers.

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  • I have the same problem with the “Delete” link on the plugins page (works only if you right-click the link and open in new tab).

    Something in the SEO Facebook Comment plugin is interfering with the admin side of things?

    It would seem so, Biranit. Hopefully the author will be able to find out what and update it, cause I would really like to use this plugin.

    FYI, the problem lies in PlulzAdminClass.php – it enqueues these scripts:

    wp_enqueue_script( ‘dashboard’ );
    wp_enqueue_script( ‘postbox’ );

    One or both of these is causing the conflict with WordPress’s native behavior.

    I commented out both these, and it solved the problem (although I also commented out various other bits – eg the lanuage attributes, which should not be added to the admin area, etc).


    Oh that’s great – thanks for the information.

    Are we sure that commenting out these two lines does not affect the plugins functionality in any way?

    It affects the dashboard with Plulz news that the plugin adds – so not the actual core functionality of the plugin.

    The dashboard news is self marketing for the plugin author, which I completely understand and is perhaps relevant to admins who install plugins – but is entirely irrelevant to the editors and authors. I already commented it out of the plugin (and posted a while ago about).
    I do not want the website’s editors to have that box – along with updates they actually need for their work – on their dashboard. We’re a news website, and this is not relevant to them.

    Thuesen, just to be clear: I am not advocating you comment out these two lines. I have modified the plugin to a point where I do not know whether or not commenting out these two lines will be enough for you. This is an issue the developer needs to fix, as it is certainly a bug. What I CAN tell you, though, is that these two lines do NOT affect the core functionality of the plugin.

    Also I get the same problems here.
    Commenting out these two lines are worked but I noticed another problem,
    I am using a Sharing plugin which included in Jetpack plugin,
    it makes sharing buttons with my page/posts,
    after I use SEO facebook comments, the sharing buttons become un-clickable.
    also I noticed that if the “hide default comments” option is checked,
    both of the default comments and SEO comments are hided, at the time my sharing buttons worked again.

    Yep. Have the same issue. Cause of the following line in PlulzAdminClass.php file:
    wp_enqueue_script( ‘dashboard’ );
    Removed it for now and waiting for a fix from developer.

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