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  • jmorrow


    What’s worse is that this problem isn’t only occurring on old facebook comments, but new ones as well.

    Plugin Author bemcapaz


    Thats a really weird problem jmorrow. I know the version 1.3 had caused some conflicts with the All In One SEO pack but haven’t heard about the duplicating commenting system.

    Actually im thinking of a reason that could be the reason to this problem, when you installed your wordpress did you used the default naming database? The tables are named someting like wp_tablename or you changed it from the default one?

    Plugin Author bemcapaz


    Hi jmorrow, i have been looking into the code and looks like thats the reason of the bug hapenning in your wordpress.

    I changed some parte of the code that is responsible for locating the prefixes used by wordpress, before the update to version 1.3 the table name was fixed to wp_comments_fbseo and since your installation is using another prefix it means the plugin can’t find that table, causing it to keep adding comments forever.

    Really sorry about that, it was a big fault from my part since I have to be more careful regarding compatibility with older versions of the plugin, Im already working on a fix.

    I’m also going to create a tool that will be able to remove all comments that were exclusively added with the plugin, so you will be able to remove all and only the duplicated comments and let the plugin re-add the comments without any further problems.

    Again really sorry for the problem and the version 1.2 will keep working fine for now.




    Thanks for responding.

    Version 1.32 is working on one of my WordPress installs that has tables named with this format, “wp_comments” etc.

    On one of my other sites, the tables seemed to have odd names which must have occurred when I migrated hosts.

    The tables are named, “wp_e1ly2l_comments” as an example. Not sure how the “elly21” part was added, but version 1.32 of your plugin is still creating multiple copies of comments.

    Plugin Author bemcapaz


    Hi jmorrow

    The SEO Facebook Comments uses the table wp_comments_fbseo to keep track of what comments were already added and which one were not.

    So when the plugin can’t find that table he will think that the comment is never added and will keep adding the comments in the wp_comments table.

    A easy fix to this problem is, first make a backup of your database and then just rename the table wp_e1ly2l_comments_fbseo back to wp_comments_fbseo and everything should work fine, you don’t need to rename any other table since that could make wordpress stop working.

    The problem is it will still duplicate comments one more time before it addeds it back to the wp_comments_fbseo table, so you could just erase all the comments added by the plugin in the wp_comments table and let it re-add again.

    You can easily find all comments that were added by the plugin in the wp_comments table because they all carry very similar data in the comment_author_url column, there is*personnick*

    Any doubt just ask me and ill help you with the problem

    I’m having this problem with Version 1.4.3.

    Also here, I’m having this problem. Facebook SEO comments plugin created many duplicates of every single wordpress comment copy from facebook comments.

    If anyone has any issues with this on multi-site – it is most likely because the network activate does not properly create the tables on the individual sites.

    If you network deactivate and then activate on each blog, it will fix the issue. Also a helpful query you can do to eliminate the non-approved comments


    GWA is a great db utility to use for the above query

Viewing 8 replies - 1 through 8 (of 8 total)
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