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    Wonderful plugin overall – thank you very much! I just installed everything and users were immediately able to comment. Two questions:
    1) The comments did show up in my dashboard, however when I tested deleting them via trash, the comment remained on my site (despite deleting them permanently). I have entered my ‘Admin ID’ very carefully as the 10-digit pin. So now, I have comments on my site but not in my dashboard.

    2) Is there a way to link the comments to my business Facebook Page? That way, it shows any discussion from my website?

    I should note that when setting up my Facebook App for the comments, it doesn’t seem to save my website. I enter my site with the http:// and it just disappears, and when I enter without the http:// I get the error below…so currently the Facebook MyApp has no App Domain.

    “Error You have specified an App Domain but have not specified a Site URL or a Mobile Web URL”

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  • wedpho


    Also, none of my comments show up here?

    Plugin Author bemcapaz


    Hi wedpho

    That is happening because the comments of wordpress and facebook are two different entities, so when you delete a comment you need to delete it from wordpress and also on the facebook box.

    I know, it sucks, i’m already thinking about a solution on this problem but facebook API can be a bitch sometimes hehe.

    About the Facebook APP try creating a new one and follow the instructions in this post here How To Create a Facebook APP



    Hey bemcapaz, thanks for the quick reply. I actually did use that link when creating the APP, but no luck. So currently I do not have an App Domain…will this prevent moderation?
    I don’t mind deleting in both places, but where do I delete in Facebook? As above, none of the comments show up on

    Also, is there any way to link discussion on my website to my Facebook Page? So that comments on my website will show up on my page? I don’t mind doing this manually, if necessary.

    Plugin Author bemcapaz


    Actually the app domain is suposed to be used only if you use subdomains on your domain.

    Lets say, you have and want facebook to be enable for both in APP DOMAIN you would put

    What is really needed however is the full site url in the WEBSITE Option , something like

    About the moderation facebook can automatically detect you as the main admin of the comment box since it will know that you are the owner of the APP and when the comment box loads it recognizes you as the owner, so automatically moderation options granted.

    About the commenting showing up on page this is something i havent think about, maybe that is in some way but don’t know if is possible to integrate directly with the Facebook COmments plugin, ever heard of any plugin or site doing that? If so i could take a look

    Oohhhh I didn’t realize that I had to click into the ‘Website’ area at the bottom of MyApp, I’ve now added my Website. What does that do though? Because comments were working earlier.

    And yes, now I see that I can just click the ‘x’ next to any FB comment on my page to delete. What is the point of also deleting in my WordPress Dashboard?

    So currently I’m only displaying the Facebook comments, but somehow xrumer spammers are still able to leave comments on the hidden WordPress comments. Is there a way to avoid this? That way I can avoid getting a ton of notifications regarding the spam.

    Thanks again.

    Plugin Author bemcapaz


    The point on deleting on wordpress dashboard was just the case if you had added the comment to wordpress database. Not a really needed action if you havent authorized the comment yet.

    And about the xrumer problem I think i will release a solution to that in the next path, not only xrumer have been spamming worpress comments like crazy but also scrapebox, those guys are spamming comments on a unbeliavable rate.

    I am having a similar problem. My comments are not showing up in my moderation page on facebook.

    Also, i tested posting to the site, and not moderation was enforced.. the comments went directly to the post.

    Please help… I’ve tried everything!

    Has this been fixed? I placed everything in and I still cannot moderate my comments and it’s not showing up in my facebook comments either

    Hello there,

    I am also having trouble with moderation.

    I have followed your directions to the T. Created Ap. Added APP ID, APP Secret and Admin ID. I have also added myself as an admin within the application.

    The plugin is displaying correctly on the site, but I am unable to moderate any posts. No posts are registering within the application, and everything seems to just auto-approve.

    No comments are displaying here.

    The only options I am given to moderate are those given to a normal poster. “Mark as SPAM, Report Abuse.”

    Any help would be much appreciated. 🙂

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    This’s what I did to solve problem.

    1. I Added more detail on face book app.
    For example my app name “Baankrumui” I added more info as below.

    App Namespace baankrumui-comments
    Site URL
    Site Domain
    Canvas Page
    Canvas URL
    Secure Canvas URL

    *** You’ve to put / after some url please see url as detail above that I put some / after it.

    2.I follow Mr.Jacob but not everything so I still use SEO facebook comment.

    I follow this :

    plugin or WordPress SEO by Yoast to set fb:app_id to your app ID number—otherwise comments won’t show up in Facebook’s comment moderation tool.
    If you use WordPress SEO by Yoast, go to the Social section of that plugin’s settings, check “Add OpenGraph meta data”, and select your site’s Facebook app as the app to use as Facebook admin.

    I wait for several minutes and it work.



    I followed your instructions theindiantea, I went into (which I didn’t even know existed) & clicked on settings, now I really don’t want the job of moderating every single comment but I would like to be able to delete from the page . . . made the changes in seo by yoast – the FB “X” box now shows that I can delete but when I click it then hard refresh (f5) the comment does not go away . . .

    The other question I have about the duplication of comments via wp comment system (I use commentluv premium) (BTW seo comments for facebook was the “only” fb plugin I could get to work alongside wp comment system)

    If I approve then don’t delete the extra comments I assume I will eventually have thousands of comments not only in the database which will slow things down incredibly & on top of that have thousands of comments in my wp comments admin section . . . whew this isn’t good so if I disable the default wp (commentluv) will those duplicate comments still show up in my comments admin section??????????

    Thank you all for your kind reply 🙂
    Linda Lou



    Is this could help you?
    You can read “how to delete and moderate facebook comments” at link below.

    For disable the default wp (commentluv). I’m sorry I don’t know. Please wait for someone come and answer it.

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