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  • Thanks for all your work on SEO Data Transporter. It came along at just the right time.

    I’d been using Headspace2 but it was overkill for the small parts of it I was really using. I ran into a conflict with another essential plugin so I decided it was time to switch to something else. I used your plugin to get my data out into custom fields and then just coded up what I needed in my theme.

    I didn’t care about converting to any specific plugin or theme so I just examined your code to pick a target platform that used visible custom fields to make things easier for me. Along the way, I made a couple enhancements for my own use that I thought I’d share here…

    Headspace2 actually has a META Keywords field that is compatible with some of the other platforms but was not defined in your plugin. I added that and also defined an entry for custom stylesheets even though no other platforms have that defined yet.

    I also noticed that the key in Headspace2 was “scripts” and not “Custom Scripts” as defined for the other platforms so I fixed that too. Here’s what I ended up with:

    'Headspace2' => array(
    	'Custom Doctitle' => '_headspace_page_title',
    	'META Description' => '_headspace_description',
    	'META Keywords' => '_headspace_keywords',
    	'Custom Scripts' => '_headspace_scripts',
    	'Custom Stylesheets' => '_headspace_stylesheets'

    My goal was to eliminate the plugin I was using but preserve as much of the data as possible for later use. That led to the idea that it could be useful to define a target platform that contained all of the possible fields the other platforms used but as visible custom fields. Those fields could then be used to transfer data from any of the other platforms for safekeeping or use. Here’s what I defined:

    'Visible Meta Custom Fields' => array(
    	'Custom Doctitle' => 'Meta_Title',
    	'META Description' => 'Meta_Description',
    	'META Keywords' => 'Meta_Keywords',
    	'noindex' => 'Meta_noindex',
    	'nofollow' => 'Meta_nofollow',
    	'noarchive' => 'Meta_noarchive',
    	'Canonical URI' => 'Meta_Canonical_URI',
    	'Custom Scripts' => 'Meta_Scripts',
    	'Redirect URI' => 'Meta_Redirect',
    	'Custom Stylesheets' => 'Meta_Stylesheets'

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  • Here are a few more definitions for Headspace2 fields I found in my database…

    'noindex' => '_headspace_noindex',
    'nofollow' => '_headspace_nofollow',
    'noarchive' => '_headspace_noarchive'

    They each contain the value “robots” when active so that may have to be converted to a different value to be compatible with other platforms.

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