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    I am using sendpress on a site hosted on I am having a problem saving subscribers. If I enter a new subscriber from the admin side, it doesn’t save. Also, if I enter the subscriber info on via the form, it says successful, but it doesn’t save to my subscriber list. Any ideas on what I am doing wrong?


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    We just released a new version that addressed some issue’s with subscriber data. Could you try the latest version and see if it has any effect on your ability to save. If the plugin is still broken after the update let me know and I will do what i can to help you get it working.


    I ran into problems installing the new plugin via WordPress. The installation failed because the SendPress folder already existed. I was able to remove the folder and after that I was successfully able to install SendPress Unfortunately, I still running into the same problems as before. When I enter an email address through the widget, it doesn’t save to the subscriber list. Nor, does it save it to the list when I go into Subscribers and I use the Add Subscriber button. Is this problem just isolated to me at this point?

    Plugin Author Josh Lyford



    Are you using the bulk add section or the single email add on the subscribers add screen? I have not had other reports of this problem but would like to help you get it fixed. Any more info you can provide about your WordPress setup would be great.


    You probably didn’t select your subscribers list to determine where your subscribers get saved to in the widget. Double check the options there and make sure you’ve selected it.

    Thanks for the responses. I tried a little bit of everything tonight. I created a new subscriber list. Then tried unsuccessfully to add a single user as well as a bulk list. I also verified the widget had the subscribers list selected and it doesn’t successfully add a user to the list. I am using WordPress v3.4.1 through Windows Azure.

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    Could be a plugin or theme conflict. Can you try disabling plugins other than SendPress and using the 2011 theme as a quick test?



    Sorry for the delay. To retest this, I spun up a new wordpress site. It is running WordPress v3.4.1 through Windows Azure with the 2011 theme. The only plugin I have installed is SendPress I am going to write up the steps that I am performing and my expected results.

    My expectation is that when I add an email address to a subscriber list, I should be able to view the email addresses that I add to the list.

    Here are my steps:
    -Go to SendPress -> Subscribers
    -Click Create List button
    -Type a name and make sure all user to sign up to this list is checked
    -Click Save
    -The new list displays in the group of lists on the subscribers page
    -Click the Edit button for the new list
    -Click the Add Subscriber button
    -Enter a valid email address, Firstname and Lastname and set the status to active
    -Click the Submit button
    At this point, I think I start to experience problems…
    -After clicking submit, I am returned to the Subscribers for “New List” page. The page states that there are “no items found” where I would expect the recently added email address to display.
    -Click on SendPress -> Subscribers
    -It displays my “New List” and it has 1 active.
    -Clicking the Edit button shows “no items found”

    Are my expected results, that the email addresses should display on for the list, valid? Could it be a permissions problems? Any suggestions?


    I’ve tried doing the very same as menyedi, and still no joy.

    I have a feeling it’s a permissions issue with the hoster. I’m using

    Any solutions?


    I was wrong… it had nothing to do with the hoster/permissions. After much trial and error, all I had to do was remove one line:

    <?php wp_deregister_script('jquery'); ?>

    Even after a little Googling around, I still can’t understand it’s purpose. Anyway, as soon as I removed that line, I was able to add subscribers. Yay!


    I’m having the same issue. Where did you find that line of code? I can’t seem to find it.

    I’ve been using the HTML5 Boilerplate theme… and I’ve modified it heavily. So I’m not sure exactly where it is generically.

    In my case, I found it in the “header.php” file just at the end of the head tag. (Before “<?php wp_head(); ?>”);

    In any case, it won’t be any anywhere outside of your theme directory.

    Good luck.


    Great thanks! I’ll start there. Thanks for the help!

    Hi Guys

    Am having a similar problem and I can’t find this line “<?php wp_deregister_script(‘jquery’); ?>” in my theme’s header.php

    Is the another way to solve this dilemma? Because the actual subscribing part works.

    Plus when I click the submit button, it doesn’t do much in the way of illustrating to the user that their action “of clicking” has been successful.

    Plugin Author Josh Lyford


    Hi Mawamde,

    I just looked at your site. It looks like the widget does not have a list selected. You will need to go to Appearance > Widgets and select a list for the signup widget to use.



    LOL! Sometimes I don’t even know how I breath. Thanks a mil and FANTASTIC plugin!

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