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  • I assume that I have not been able to install this plugin correctly?

    I am using Twenty Twelve.

    The example shows XC code, not C.

    My goal was to get full horisontal scroll, and line numbers.

    It looks like with my install of Enlighter, the <pre> and the <pre data-enlighter-language="c"> look the same. Or is it if <pre> comes after the <pre data-enlighter-language="c">?

    I am confused. I test with Safari on a Mac by making the window more and more narrow.

    I also see that a long — line would wrap. I don’t want that.

    Aside: Would it be better to install the 4.0 beta version and forget about this? I would only use it in this example and another example, so it would be easy to fix later on, should I stay with 3.00. I assume using a beta is even more work.

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    The page I need help with: [log in to see the link]

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  • I did severeal modifications to the original posting yesterday because I struggled with getting the “pre” type html not taken by the forum sw. I think labeling them as code worked: <pre>. But there is no preview here. But my question still remains.

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    Plugin Author Andi Dittrich


    Dear @aclassifier,

    you didn’t use the Enlighter editing plugins (Gutenberg, TinyMCE, Shortcodes, Markdown) – instead you’re using plain html to highlight the code – this is strongly NOT RECOMMENDED within wordpress.

    in case you wan’t to use plain html (without any editor) you have to add the class “EnlighterJSRAW” to each codeblock or modify the selectors on the Enlighter settings page Enlighter -> Options -> Advanced.

    the additional class is used to avoid conflicts with existing pre/code tags on your site.


    I am using the standard editor (aside:) since Gutenberg (when I tried it last some months ago) destroyed my references lists [1]

    So, with standard editor, do I install all of TinyMCE, Shortcodes, Markdown – or just one of them?

    The advanced option was set on “pre.EnlighterJSRAW”, but removing the “pre.” did not seem to make any changes(?) (Capital ‘J’ in there?)


    Plugin Author Andi Dittrich


    please read the docs howto use Enlighter with TinyMCE:

    if you’re not familiar with css/js please leave the selectors to their default values

    Thanks! I will! I will come back here with the results and close the case then!

    Perfect! I now have your plugin up! I have updated at the original url in my initial post.

    But my whole point was to let long lines not wrap, and then do a horisontal scroll instead. How do I set this?

    Plugin Author Andi Dittrich


    try one of the solutions posted in or use Enlighter v4-beta1

    I tried to add that code in style.css (for my Twenty Twelve Child) (not styles.css):

    width: auto !important;
    overflow-x: scroll !important;
    word-wrap: normal !important;
    .EnlighterJS li{
    white-space: pre !important;

    But I saw no change.. I also tried to empty buffers in Safari. Neither works in Chrome.

    Plugin Author Andi Dittrich


    it mostly depends on your theme style/layout which variant works with EnlighterJS v2 (Enlighter v3).

    To avoid such issues EnlighterJS v3 (Enlighter v4) is re-created from scratch with build-in options

    Fair enough. I will install v4 when it’s not beta. The line numbers now to some degree help. I trie the other suggestions as well, none seemed to work for me. I like long lines, screens are not 80 chars any more..

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