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  • According to the network traffic, I am being properly redirected to my IdP (Okta, in this case) and back to wordpress. The SAML response is present in the response and the correct user data is there.

    What seems to be happening is that when I get back to wordpress the wp_authenticate hook is not being triggered (or run at all) and so the plugin never processes the SAML response. When I set the post back URL to wp-admin it creates an infinite SSO loop.

    Has anyone experienced this? I would love to hear from the developer.

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  • I’ve run into other issues getting this to work with okta (notably I can’t get redirected to the IdP if you’re not logged in) but I don’t have any issues getting logged in.

    If you start from okta, are you able to get loggedin?


    I think I have a solution. At least it works for me: (I’m going to diff my chagnes with the svn repo to see if I missed somethings, I’ve done a lot of twiddling recently).

    It got me out of the infinite loop. I also happen to have all my pages requiring authentication so I’ve made a number of changes to how/when authentication is checked that do it right. Its a little smelly because I only know I need to redirect to Okta because one of the certificates won’t load probably because there is insufficient tests for is authenticated.

    Logout is, for me, still broken. Even if I delete all the cookies (on both WP and okta) I can can’t get to a content page, but I can get to admin (and then to other pages). I suspect its an issue with the path associated with the cookies;

Viewing 2 replies - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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