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  • I recently installed SecurePress in an attempt to enhance the security on my already very secure WP site. Although the plugin looks good, it really doesn’t offer much configuration and the biggest issue is that it thinks that ALL activity on my site is an attack! Quickly my email box started filling up with reports of “attacks”, but with a little research I discovered that it was MY IP ADDRESS! So I looked into trying to get support for the issue AND WAS BLOCKED from the plugin developers website. One of the “features” of the plugin is that it shares reported attacks with a central database. Now since my IP was involved in a FALSE POSITIVE attack report, I am being BLOCKED from looking at the support documentation on the developers site. This is so ridiculous it is funny!!! Needless to say I have disabled this plugin and recommend people steer clear until at which time the developer does some rethinking on the whole concept and at least puts the support documentation in an “unprotected” section of their site.

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  • Dave,
    Thank you for your very detailed review of SecurePress, I would like to validate and acknowledge everything you have written as accurate. We did have an issue with a FALSE POSITIVE on your IP address, and believe we have resolved this issue.

    We have taken the ideas that you have suggested and started implementing them today. We are right now working on a version that will allow IP addresses to only be blocked for “X” amount of days, the administrator will be able to determine the number of days. This will allow stale IP addresses to fall off the block list and continue to protect your site on additional attempts from that IP address.

    As for the instruction or help section, we will be adding a new unprotected area of SecureLive to devoted to the help section to assist with any incident needing help.

    As for you being blocked, this is more a discovery than error, although SecurePress was doing its job, because of a prior attack from your IP address from a few months ago, SecurePress was protecting all SecureLive sites and simultaneously reporting to you about your site.

    We would like the opportunity to speak with you, we will resolve this issue as quickly as possible. Please call us directly at (888) 300-4546, if you are overseas, please E-Mail your phone number at (jb + and I will then call you. We are very serious about resoving security issues and would like to extend our full support in winning your confidence and trust.

    Thanks for replying to my post. I am frankly surprised and impressed that you acknowledged the problem and you are taking steps to address them. I would like more details on what you have changed and more information on what exactly Securelive and specifically SecurePress does.


    I have the same problem. I could not figure out how I can add my IP to a “safe list”.

    I thought I could help out a bit here.

    If you go to the company home page here you can watch the 10 min video that shows everything this version does. This video shows the pro version (paid), the free SecurePress plugin that you are using does not have all the features of the pro version. Namely blocking.. but it will explain how it works and how it blocks and reports crime.

    So this free version only lets you install and monitor (view) hacker traffic and attack attempts against your site. The idea is that if you like the stability and quality of the free version, you would upgrade to the pro and enable all the features including BLOCKING attack attempts.

    Hope that sheds some light.

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