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  • WP 3.0.1 and BuddyPress

    The “Invite a friend” button is not showing for my site’s users, but is showing for me (the admin).

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  • I am having the same issue. The ‘Invite a friend’ button does not show up anywhere, for any other users but the admin (myself). I am also running WordPress 3.0.1 and BuddyPress I do have ‘Yes’ selected for > Show the invite link in the admin area for normal users. I also the amount of time user to be registered/the Inviting lockdown (days) set to ‘0’. What are you referring to as the admin area? I’ve looked under every menu and page on the backend (Dashboard) and every tab in the users profile; which is where I would expect it to be for a BuddyPress integration – that is the best location. What are the issues? Is it somewhere I haven’t checked?

    I have the same problem. “Invite a friend” button does not show up for the regular users (subscriber, author, contributor etc.) it shows up if you log in as admin.

    I have wordpress 3.0.1 and buddypress installed.

    Hi again,
    I was playing around on the code and I recognized that after 30 days the new registered users can send invitation. I changed it to 0 and the invitation button showed up on the front end and the invite friends tab showed up under dashboard (backend)
    Here is what you need to do

    -Go to the root directory of the plug in

    -open secure_invite.php file and go to the line 1153 or 1154 ,the default code is
    // get how many days after registration invites are locked
    $secure_invite_days_after_joining = (int)stripslashes( get_site_option(“secure_invite_days_after_joining”) );
    if ($secure_invite_days_after_joining == “”) { $secure_invite_days_after_joining = 30; }

    – change 30 to 0 above
    $secure_invite_days_after_joining = 0;}

    and the invitation button will show up.

    That worked thanks… that looks like the setting that you can adjust in /wp-admin/options-general.php?page=secure_invite_list

    I wonder why the setting is being ignored?

    Thanks so much gazimd, for finding that minor glitch, it was driving me crazy. That simple change has worked perfectly. Now if we can only get the invitation form into one of the BuddyPress users account tabs and allow multiple invitations at once.

    FYI: I am going to start a new topic with the following:

    This plugin is exactly what I was looking for and has lots of potential, but it needs some improvement. I am not too familiar with PHP (just learning) and I can appreciate all of the hard work that goes into coding plugins. Thank you.

    That being said, after playing around with it and testing the process I noticed a flaw in the security: After clicking the link in the email or typing it into a browser you do successfully reach the registration page, however, once at the registration page you can sign up as anyone with any email address. The Invitation list shows the original invitation as incomplete and shows the uninvited email and username as invited by the admin. This happened when using with the ‘BP Disable Activation Plugin’ so I decided to deactivate that plugin and try again. It still allows anyone to sign up only the new user is now completely undetected in the invitaion list. When logging in there is an alert that the account could not be activated but you are logged in anyway. Shouldn’t Secure Invite restrict signup to the email address in the invitation. Simply intercepting an email or adding ?emailaddress to the URL could allow anyone to register and this link remains open if the signup is not with the intended email address or until it expires or is deleted by the admin.

    Plugin Author Chris Taylor


    Bo Broadfoot said:
    > That worked thanks… that looks like the setting that you can adjust in /wp-admin/options-general.php?page=secure_invite_list

    This is exactly right. You need to make sure this setting is “0” as (I think) the plugin doesn’t like a blank setting.

    Please don’t hack plugins as it makes things more difficult for you to upgrade, and makes it impossible for me to fix bugs when they happen!

    Plugin Author Chris Taylor


    If you upgrade to the latest version and go to the settings page it will now give you a reason why the invite button isn’t showing (if it isn’t showing).

    in secure_invite.php

    function secure_invite_buddypress_form()

    im change:

    if (secure_invite_user_can_invite())


    if( is_user_logged_in())

    this show invite a friend button only for register user

    where I find secure_invite.php?

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