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  • DescriptiveDesign


    Mine is broken also, it shows up on the edit page/post but is only a plain text editor without TinyMCE.

    Tim Smith


    It’s because WP 3.3 has changed the way they implement Tiny MCE, particularly it now uses exact id’s instead of picking up several blocks based on a class.

    If you’re familiar with PHP/CSS/HMTL then the following is a quick fix (i.e. it is not perfect but is better than nothing).

    Firstly can add a filter to secondary_content_page_editor
    add_filter('tiny_mce_before_init', 'secondary_content_elements');

    And add the function

    function secondary_content_elements($in) {
    	$in['elements']=$in['elements'].', secondary_block_1';
    	return $in;

    This only enables the first secondary content (I was only using one), just add 2-5 as you need.

    To make it look better then add an extra class to the secondary_content div so that it becomes
    <div class="secondary_content wp-editor-container tmce-active">
    The tmce-active may not be necessary.

    and also add to the css for the inside div (currently it just zeroes the margin)
    padding:0 !important; background:#fff;

    It’s not a perfect fix as that enables the tiny mce editor ONLY IF the page is loaded with Visual enabled on the Body. If you use HTML view you’ll need to change to Visual then reload the page to get the secondary html editor in tiny mce. It’s also pesty that the filer needs to list all the secondary blocks we need.

    Great Thanks! it works! fine! …. so i can use the “quick fix”…is there a chance that secondary html content 3 is coming soon????? so i can chance to version 3….?????

    Tim Smith


    Well I’m not the plugin developer (the plugin author is jakemgold), but there is some information about a new version on

    He’s also tweeted that he was waiting for WP 3.3 to release it (

    This was just a quick hack to keep me going in the mean time that I thought I’d share. Glad it helped 🙂

    Thanks – worked! Sadly, the “insert image” button doesn’t seem to work anymore. Any suggestions?


    Plugin Author Jake Goldman


    10up Engineer

    Version 3.0 is out now – enjoy!

    Thanks for update!

    FYI: I had to change my code, before I had “the_secondary_content(1);” for example, but that doesn’t work anymore, now it has to be “the_secondary_content(‘1’);”

    (either way, perfect moment to give them a good name)

    Recently upgraded to WP 3.3.1 and updated this plugin to 3.0.1

    It looks like the error happened after I upgraded to WP 3.3.1

    Tried re-install but no dice. The plugin installs correctly, but still not seeing the secondary content areas or option for secondary content areas. Please help!

    Autoupdating of the plugin didn’t solve the issue, nor did simple manual update by overwriting the old plugin folder.
    I had to remove the old version first and afterwords upload the new one. After this, everything is perfect, including the media button. Note: Plugin options are now not seperated but at the bottom of the usual write-options.

    Thanks, Gerto! I had to implement this solution as well.

Viewing 10 replies - 1 through 10 (of 10 total)
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