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  • What has happened with the Plug-in Directory search results lately? I can search the exact name of a plug-in and get page after page of unrelated results. This seems to be happening more and more frequently. I’ve give up and have just started to Google the phrase — generally that gets me back to the right page here on

    As an example, a search for “Multi-level Navigation Plugin” in the WP Plugin Directory doesn’t return a relevant result within the first 8 pages. The same search on Google returns the plug-in download at the top of the first page.

    Just curious.

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  • Just bumping this – I’m curious too.

    I want to install the ‘Move Comments’ plugin (man, it drives me bananas when people comment in the wrong post..), and so I searched for “move comments” – 45 pages of random stuff appears. This happens both in the site and from the WP administration section on my blog.

    I also searched tags for ‘move comments’, and got a couple matching entries, but oddly, not the plugin I was looking for – which had both ‘move’ and ‘comments’ as tags.

    Hi there, this has been commented on many times, but its much faster if you know the name of the plugin to just google it.
    @davidsdesk I just googgled Multi-level Navigation Plugin for wordpress and got this.
    I googled move comments plugin for wordpress and got this.
    hope this helps.

    Thanks Mike – our concerns regarded the actual search utility, as opposed to obtaining the plugins themselves. As you say, Google is definitely the easiest way currently, but it seems silly that one must resort to Google. It also more-or-less renders the new built-in plugin browser useless!

    Hi Davids Desk!

    I am looking for a WordPress CRM. Did you develop one or are you still interested? (I did find an interesting one but I need more robust features.)

    Please let me know!


    Could you contact me (see website for info re the crm. I have developed one and need to develop it on a bit. Would love to talk further with you.



Viewing 5 replies - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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