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  • Sounds like a good plugin… However hate to be the one with bad news, but after trying to index all my posts… it crashed about 15% in to it… FYI, i have about 1400 posts…

    Thanks and looking forward to later versions….

    ok. i’ll fix this in v.0.2


    Just installed it and if crashed my whole site!!!

    The only way I could get back into any of it was to delete the plugin directly. I was unable to deactivate it as I couldn’t even get to the plugin page to do that.

    Does the plugin alter any of the other WP code? Will there still be references to it in the WP code because I couldn’t deactivate it? If so what and where. Are there any implications to deleting this plugin in the way I have? Is this going to cause me problems down the line?

    What a bother 🙁

    It’s essentially non-intrusive, really. It:

    – creates a table
    – stores a clean version of your posts within in
    – hijacks the loop when search queries occur

    when it is first called, it echoes a series of lines, one to a post that gets indexed. this generates an error (headers already sent) when the indexing is complete; just this once. follow a random link and the error will never be seen again.

    there are no implications in the way you deleted the plugin, beyond the fact it will still be ‘actived’ when you try the next version. at your option, drop the table wp_sem_nodes.

    btw, could you be more specific on the errors? i would hate to leave this unsolved.

    Sorry, can’t elaborate as I didn’t write the error messages down. It was doing the initial search and then bombed as it was doing so with an error in bold. Then every page that I tried to get to on my site was showing the same page with a list of indexed posts with the error at the bottom.

    Thanks for the speedy reply.

    ok, thanks a lot for the feedback. this should be fixed in v.0.2, which will silently create the index in a less straightforward manner.


    looking forward!

    It can’t be the number of posts that is a problem as my site has 3396 posts and the plugin works perfectly. Thanks, Denis-de-Bernardy, for fixing my problematic search system!

    This there any way to get the plugin to recreate the sem_nodes table again? I accidently deleted mine and now it won’t run the way it did when it was first activated.

    incidentally, there is… uncomment the line:

    //update_option( ‘sem_search_version’, 0 );

    load a wp page when logged in as admin, and then comment it back again. 🙂

    Great plugins you make!
    (And I’m not being ironic here – I mean it…!) 🙂

    I want to add to the problems: When installing the plugin, and doing a search within the admin area I get this error:

    WordPress database error: [You have an error in your SQL syntax near ‘AND comment_approved != ‘spam’ ORDER BY comment_date’ at line 1]
    SELECT * FROM wp_comments WHERE comment_post_ID = AND comment_approved != ‘spam’ ORDER BY comment_date

    Uninstalling the plugin removes this error. Otherwise I have had no problems (I haven’t enabled it on my site yet, though – still in the progress of switching blog systems).


    i can’t reproduce. where exactly are you searching in the admin area?

    Search reloaded is now v.0.3

    it now searches in excerpts, and it now silently conducts the indexing at the rate of 100 posts per page view by the admin, to avoid time outs when you have plenty of posts.

    I just uploaded your new version of this plugin v0.3, but I am still having the same problem as before. It only searches for the word if its in the title of the post.

    If I search “password”, only the posts that have “password” in the title, will come back as results, instead of all of the posts and pages that contain that word.

    Is there a way to fix that?


    the Content with show/hide javascript for “more” plugin will wreck any subsequent filter applied to the_content. And no matter how much you flush your node index, search reloaded will be broken.

    Speaking of flushing your node index, v.0.4 is out, fixes a bug and adds that feature. To use it, visit the following when logged in as admin:

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