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  • I am attempting to document the process of finding the Improved Plugin Installation plugin. Searching for it inside WordPress or on the plugins search page fails. Surrounding the search with double or single quotes does not help.

    How can I get accurate results searching with the exact name of a plugin?


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  • So I am not the only one that has a problem searching for plugins. I reported this as a site bug a week or so ago and haven’t heard anything about it. It’s impossible to search for a plugin on the extend page, so I had to result to using Google Search. Search for: TERMS

    and Google will help you find it. Of course, replace the TERMS above with what you are looking for. Hopefully someone at sees this and can take a look. I know it USED to work.

    Thanks, grandslambert And it helps even more to put the search term in quotes, e.g.: “improved plugin installation”

    The problem of course is that it doesn’t work inside the WordPress Install Plugins page. Documenting the process of searching from within that page and installing a plugin, vs. searching the web and installing a plugin from a random website using an FTP program, is an order of magntitude different.

    See, that’s the problem – the search form on the extend/plugins page here doesn’t seem to do a boolean search – in fact, it doesn’t seem to use your search terms at all any more. For the past day or so every search I have tried to do returns the same results, and that is very, very frustrating.

    As for searching with Google, putting quotes around it will search for that string. You can also do things like: “improved plugin installation” -tags

    Which will search for results that have the phrase “improved plugin installation” but does NOT have the word “tags” in it. It would be nice if the plugin search here could do that – but not sure if anyone has even looked at the problem yet. 🙁

Viewing 3 replies - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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