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  • Is there any way to improve the plugin search within the backend of WP? There are several problems:
    The search results are terrible. I’ve literally stoped searching there and I have to go to google to find plugins on your website. I just pasted the name of a plugin “WooCommerce Featured Video” in the search and it came up third. What does that tell you? When I searched ‘woocommerce product video’ this plugin didn’t even come up.

    The live/suggestive search is a problem on lo-band or slow connections. Having it update the search with every character typed sucks. It can make it almost impossible or actually impossible to get plugins.

    There is no sorting. You can search and hope or look through what WP sees as ‘popular’ or ‘featured’. How about alphabetically?

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  • The search in the admin is accomplished through the API to .org. The search on .org has unfixed tickets such as which is supposed to be fixed by using Elastic Search.
    There has been a lack of resources to design and code the fix. It would be great if you can provide a patch, or a design or even a comment to get things going. (Any WP admin change would be on a core Trac ticket, though, so if there isn’t one already, you could write one: )

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