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    Hey Support,

    I made this plugin few days ago, my plugin is not coming on first place even if i search
    by plugin name or any other keyword. but just before last plugin search algorithm update. It was working well. Can you guys explain, how new plugin search is working, if this thing is going to continue there’s no point of making new plugins because we are not getting enough search results.


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  • It appears you’ve posted this question under wrong forum category. It should go under Request and Feedback.

    This isn’t answers of your question but I hope it helps.

    Hey Dipak,

    Thanks for reply. should i submit again on other category.

    Thanks again,

    No, A mod will help to do it.

    I’ve submitted a request for it.

    Moderator James Huff


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    I’m not sure what you mean by “but just before last plugin search algorithm update. It was working well.”

    Your plugin was just released 2 days ago, and there has been no change to the search system since. The big change to the search system launched almost 3 weeks ago:

    You may want to re-consider the name of your plugin. If ranking is a concern, you’re going to have a difficult time “competing” with this much more established plugin:

    Here is another explanation of what i want to say:-

    If you see this link in the update:-

    I can see that its not keyword related search now and it has changed but the thing is It is going to affect our new plugins and it will be very hard for us to get on the top as this is only going to help the top plugins that are already on top. Here is another guy having same concern for better understanding:

    The new appearance looks great !
    I noticed the search change right away, and there are some issues i’ve picked up on. When searching keywords, there are plugins that are often showing up in the search results even though they don’t relate to the search term ( Yoast, Ultimate member and other very popular plugins ).
    Also with a popularity-based search, one question that comes to mind is: how does this affect new plugins ? It would seem like new plugins would have a very hard time getting seen based on this.
    One suggestion I have is: what if the search results are sorted by 2 categories: Popular & New.

    Let us know if there is something we could do?


    Moderator Jan Dembowski


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    *Drinks coffee*

    I don’t think your plugin will come up high in the search results. I hope it does not, the name really is a poor choice.

    *Drinks more coffee*

    @mndpsingh287 Why on earth did you pick that name?

    Your plugin slug is shortcode-ultimate but as James wrote, there is another established plugin that has been around for years and it’s called “Shortcodes Ultimate” with the slug shortcodes-ultimate. See the s?

    The banner and icon for your plugin are very similar to the established plugin. If the search results are updated then IMHO users are going to confuse your plugin for the other one.

    That’s not good and I’m assuming that you did that somehow by accident.

    As a favor to me, would you consider changing the color of your banner and modifying your icon?

    This is the one for the plugin your name is close to.

    Screen Shot

    This is the banner and icon for your 2 day old plugin.

    Screen Shot

    The reason I bring this up is that users review the plugins and I try to read all of the reviews. Your plugin choices will lead to confusion among the users. You can fix that just by making a couple of simple changes.

    The slug for your plugin can’t change (and that’s not what users see anyway) but please consider changing the name, icon and banner of your plugin.

    If you don’t then you’re going to get downloads when someone meant to get the other plugin.

    Thanks @jdembowski for your answer. I will fix these things.

    Moderator Andrew Nevins


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    @mndpsingh287, The idea as I understand is to show search results based on real user queries and not keywords. It isn’t a case of getting to the top of the search results list, the results should instead respond to the user query.

    Thanks @anevins for clarification

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